Savage Love Letter of the Day: Good Priests, Shitty Bishops


I had a Fr Tim who was a good one, back in the day. Dan, your podcast openings sound like homilies to me, from the sex-positive, progressive, atheist priest I never had. You were a natural for the seminary, in some weird way.
You might like to read/watch this.
I teared up.
That throwaway line at the end of the video is the best. THE. BEST. Only theatre nerds know how to do that.

Don't know how I haven't seen that clip all this time.
Always love your wonderful real life stories, Dan. I hope in the future all LGBT's can have this same accepting, loving experience coming out. Happy Pride, Everyone! ♥ is ♥
As another queer cultural catholic I was surprised to hear about the local bishop's recent blog post where he took ownership for religion (including his) playing a role in homophobia & bigotry. He also called for new gun laws.
My still practicing friends who told me about it also said that the bishop has been inundated with hate mail for showing some signs of being a decent human being. The cynic in me feels like he probably only felt bold enough to write this blog since he is close to retirement & has no fucks left to give. For what it is's a link to the blog post.
In 1990 I used to work for a local branch of the peace and social justice lobby SANE/Freeze.
There were a number of LGBTQ people on staff, as well as a young nun, Sister Rita Marry.
I was a young man at the time, and I had recently left the Catholic church. One of my reasons for leaving (aside from the fact that I had 'lost my faith' and become an atheist ) was the incredible amount of bigotry and homophobia I had seen in the church and it's congregation.
I was amazed to see a nun not only treat LGBTQ people with respect, but also with love and friendship.
You are like a Bernie Bro shitting on the Hillary Clinton of priests because he didn't promise you 100% of the concessions you demand in one sermon. Fair enough. But at least you know how it feels to be on the other side.
Great video Dan.

It would seem to me that the Catholic hierarchy has always held a great deal of tolerance, love, and protection for non-standard sexual inclinations as long as it's the priesthood itself that has a homosexual interest in underage boys.
Ms Crinoline - You remind me of the rather 1%-y claim that the Roman Catholic Church was the one bastion of protection of gay men all through the dark ages (the priesthood).
Dan, watching you tell this personal story made me cry in the best way. Thank you for your vulnerability and courage. It gives the rest of us an example of being loving and having integrity. Someone to look up to with actual human emotions is so rare in US culture that we desperately need to see that emotions are ok for people to have.
I'm with 7
Hey original letter writer. You still CAN thank that priest. Call him up or send him a quick email and say "thank you for your homily on Sunday. It meant a lot to me."
@ 10 - It was surely not the only one, but probably the safest (as long as you liked self-flagellation - to keep appearances and your superior's dick up).

I believe being a minion (in its original meaning) was also an enviable position - as long as you remained in your sovereign's good graces, and as long as he didn't die.
Fichu, not just underage boys. Two of my sisters were molested by a priest. On his death bed it turned out he was handy with a few girls. God probably didn't let him enter the gates of heaven.
7 and 12: I'm with Dan. Enough is enough. I don't think the church can pat itself on the back for inching forward after centuries while still lagging behind. As Dan said, you're free to believe whatever you want but when it comes to the public sphere stay the hell outta my way.