U.K. Votes to Leave the European Union


Pound notes! Pound notes! Get your Pound notes right here! Plenty for everyone at rock bottom prices!
What the fuck is the WA State GOP saying? Fuck this.
The WA GOP, Vladimir Putin's little friend.
Oh Shit this is Not Good.
In other news, Hillary will win 2016 and Obama will ruthlessly sodomize Parliament for what they just did
Breaking news!: Globalism (Establishment/Obama & Hillary) loses to Nationalism (Antiestablishment/Sanders & Trump). Democracy smells sweet!
Populism smells sweet!
@9.......Not yet anyway.
Pitchforks are out.
It makes me smile that the Washington State GOP has a Twitter account. And that they use it to say stupid things. I imagine a room full of elderly bros, all in pressed dad jeans with navy blue blazers and baseball caps, trying to think of something to say.
Who knew neo-liberalism was so unpopular? I mean just look at the great job the EU has been doing with Greece. It's an economic utopia over there!
Glad to see that xenophobia (and racism, really) is alive and well across the pond.
Stupid Trump couldn't resist the opportunity to say stupid stuff. There he is, crowing about how well his loser golf course will do now that the bottom fell out of the Pound. In Scotland. Which voted to Remain. To their faces.

Meanwhile, when other currencies fall, they fall against the Dollar, which becomes more expensive, along with all products and services produced in Amurica. This event is highly recessionary for the United States, and all he can think of is his stupid golf course, which sits in Scotland, a country which is about to call a second national referendum to leave Great Britain because they're so pissed at it yanking them out of the EU. Which, he's crowing about.

Nero only fiddled while Rome burned. Trump fiddles while the whole world's economy and alliances burn.
Today's GeeOhPee endorses anything that furthers the race to the bottom. They think (for no sound intellectual reasons) that economic chaos equates to deregulation, and deregulation means their benefactors can loot, pillage and plunder with impunity.

The mindset had beginnings with Ronnie Raygun. Wingnuts feet that gutting and collapsing institutions is faster and easier than seeking democratic solutions to their owners' needs.
Yet another stunning triumph for "The Youth Vote".
Keep it up guys. It's no big deal. #onlyyourfuture

How I feel about America today:

Bart: ...I feel so full of ... what's the opposite of shame?
Marge: Pride?
Bart: No, not that far from shame.
Homer: Less shame?
Bart: Yeah.
"Hey everyone, remember the last time we went all isolationist and left Germany as the dominant political and military power in Europe? That turned out OK, didn't it?" -England
This outcome is the sad but totally predictable result of kleptocratic, insatiable, 1%-supremacist e-leets using their obscene wealth and political power to plunge the majority of their fellow citizens into mass poverty and then cluelessly wonder why people are so enraged.

We're in for even bigger shocks here in the US because our citizens are even more ignorant, sadistic, racist, and worse off economically than those in the UK.
@20: by "people", you mean old, rural whites? they've been enraged my whole life.

the majority of the british and americans are not in "mass poverty". their souls are impoverished, i'll grant that.
@20 Actually the outcome is really just the sad and totally predictable result of ignoramuses voting for something they don't understand.