The most recent populist victories, sadly, are conservative.
In Europe and America, it's right-wing populism that is on the rise. mikeledray /

The New York Times:

Across the postindustrial world, the populist right is excelling in the old bastions of the left.

As Bernie Sanders warns today, the same kind of "demagogy, bigotry and anti-immigrant sentiment" that was used to get British voters riled up about leaving the European Union is "central to Donald J. Trump’s message" here in the United States.

Sanders goes on to make some great arguments about where the county (and world) need to go in order to address the glaring inequality that's fueling a lot of working class anger. His piece is meant to "sound an alarm." Yet he still doesn't get to the realpolitik place where Elizabeth Warren has already landed. This is itself alarming, since a divided American left could be a great gift to the American populist right during this presidential election.