Religious Extremists Export Hate, Murder, and Terror to Brazil


Sounds almost as bad as what the Muslims do.
@1 Almost?
All religion is false. All 'preachers' are charlatans and they themselves know it (notice that all of them want $omething from you, and gawd always backs them up) . God is a fantasy and the ultimate marketing trump card, faith is a delusion. Sickening that this stuff gets a huge blind eye from media.
@2, Christians just don't have the strength of their convictions as they once did. Now excuse me, I'm going to read how the Orlando shooting had little to do with Islam and how Fort Hood was just work place violence.
What's more Christian than killing a person who represents something other than the imaginary ideal in your head?

Well, I guess I could replace "Christian" with any "Religion of the People of the Book"; all three of those fun monotheistic desert religions. *Sigh*
By comparison, according to FBI UCRs from 2010 to 2014 there was a total of 8 hate crime murders on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in the USA, a nation of ~300 million. (7 were anti-male-homosexual, while 1 was anti-bisexual.)
Not contesting numbers but sounds very low.
Do you have a link? Thx
Well cited, Mr Lash, though I'm not sure how far to trust the FBI (or anyone else, really).

I thank Mr Savage for "should be the lead", which saves this entry from Islamopologism. He doesn't seem to be preening for the RCC, either. So far, so good. It does seem to be worth investigating why US-Christian evangelism seems to be able to contain itself at home while becoming so deadly elsewhere.
And we all thought Jamaica was the worst (in the western hemisphere).
@6 said "murders"
War Against the Weak", Edwin Black.
So... how is gay pride parade doing this year in Russia? Like the "Panama Papers" out of sight, out of mind.
There's not much remaining space to broaden the export market for crappy American soft drinks, fast food, movies, or cars any more, but there's a lot of available market share for our latest crap-ass religious nitwittery!