This is a must see: Obama on shootings.
And in related news... Black Lives Matter has run its inevitable course. It's inner thug is showing in Dallas tonight.

“Everyone was screaming, people were running… I saw at least probably 30 shots go off,” she said.

Myles also said she saw two men who were “super upset” with police right before shots rang out. She was shocked that the peaceful protest could take such a sinister turn so quickly.
“Are they really shooting? This was a peaceful protest,” said Myles in disbelief.…

The only thing surprising about this is that anyone is capable of "disbelief."
Two officers shot.
BLM's cretinous little hate group is fucking over.
I'm sure Obama will rush to the nearest microphone to strongly decry BLM for shooting cops with semi-automatic assault riffles.

Yeah... Like never.
Of course Slog will ignore it completely since it doesn't fit their narrative.
Right... That must be it. That would explain all the BLM'ers bleeding in the street.
@6, 9: You're absolutely disgusting.
Snipers picking off police officers at a hitherto-peaceful protest, and your immediate response is "[m]aybe [they] were only defending themselves"? You're no different from the racists whose reaction to every shooting of a black man by a police officer is to call the deceased a thug and declare that the cop was only defending himself.
And I'm sorry, two wrongs don't make a right. The punishment for murder is not for one's colleagues to be themselves murdered, you filthy barbarian. "No justice, no peace"? Yeah, that's the rallying cry of you and every other social vengeance warrior.
Ansel: delete your account.
@You Gotta Be Kidding Me. You have got to be kidding me FOR REAL if you actually believe, on any fucking level, that Obama would endorse such madness and travesty.

Nor does this heinous, despicable crime belong to "BLM". That is a preposterous hypothesis for which there is zero evidence, and it cannot possibly be true on the basis of common sense alone. Clearly it is the action of a few isolated individuals acting on their own behalf and operating from their own motivations.

Just in case you are as delusional as you are willing to espouse hateful, made up bullshit: you are definitely not part of any kind of solution here in the real world, don't kid YOURSELF.
Lots of blood on Obama's hands tonight. The anti-cop, race baiting mission of his justice dept and his very own Furguson effect.
Ferguson obv.
@6, 9: Damn, I knew you were a dumbass, but I had no idea you were such a despicable piece of shit.
Nice timing Ansel. After the events in Dallas last night why is this story still up? How about giving the LE community a day to grieve? Still claiming there isn't a war on cops?
@16. Why should the prospect of facing criminal charges for criminal behavior interfere with your "grieving" process?

(Grieving is in quotes because a lot of LE amd LE wannabes appear to think grieving is a get-out-of-responsibility card they get to play when bad things happen to people they do not know.)
@16. Also the police are still safer now than at any point in the last 6 decades. The most dangerous thing they do is drive a lot.
If we're going to blame everyone who was ever affiliated with BLM for this heinous tragedy, then by following this logic we should in-turn blame every Law Enforcement Officer in this country for every murder committed by a fellow LEO of an innocent Person of Color.

Or does someone want to point out the obvious flaw in this line of reasoning?
@19: Who is "you people" exactly? Race war? What the fuck are you talking about?

But don't bother answering my questions if you do not have time, I am sure you have a lot of party planning to do since these cops got killed, and look how much time you are wasting gloating over the corpses. You must be so happy. Enjoy your celebrations you twisted fuck.
@20 um, that's exactly what BLM and the left do. They blame and defame every cop. Have you not noticed that every BLM circus features the constructive chant of "fuck the police" as well as t-shirts? Nice.

And, with a literal handful of exceptions, LEO's refuse to root out, or even acknowledge the "bad apples" in their midst, thus spoiling the entire barrel; something that has been the reality for People of Color pretty much for their entire history in this country. So, I guess we-all just have to live with this tit-for-tat, "an eye for an eye" endless cycle of violence until there's nobody left to shoot or be shot at.
@2 The shootings in Dallas are as much proof of an "inner thug" in the Black Lives Movement as Dylan Roof's bible study shooting was proof of the Lutheran Church's inner white supremacy urge.

Are you kidding me? American "I told you so" politics is truly sickening ...
There's no war on cops. They just happened to be the target last week. Before that it was clubgoers. Before that, churchgoers, and before that, students. Dallas is not the first volley in a race war. It's was another lunatic with an assault weapon causing mass casualties.

I support this measure but which our legislature would get off their asses and make this a law without people having to collect signatures. I don't know why we're even paying the legislators.

Murray's support is always suspect when he claims to want oversight has fires two experienced, well-respected, and committed folks who are already in the job. Neuter SPOG and I'll believe he cares and understands police reform. SPOG: Seattle's Protection of Organized Gansters.

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