Keep your eyes peeled for Erik Bloods black Classic Player Jazzmaster guitar and Apogee Duet.
Keep your eyes peeled for Erik Blood's black Classic Player Jazzmaster guitar and Apogee Duet. Kelly O

Someone broke into Stranger Music Genius nominee Erik Blood's studio at the Old Rainier Brewery and stole his guitar and Apogee Duet USB unit. The theft occurred sometime between 7:30 pm Saturday July 2 and 7:30 pm Tuesday July 5. "They were the only things taken because they were closest to the front door," Blood says via email. "The guitar is a black Classic Player Jazzmaster with custom black pick guard and pickup covers and custom vintage tone and volume knobs (black/silver). I'm still searching for the serial numbers." He says that the instrument and Apogee Duet were still in his SKB flight case, which was covered in stickers, including black- and white-striped stickers along the neck.

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"I'm not terribly hopeful that it'll be found," Blood says, "but it's not stopping me, so it's not the end of the world. I hope whoever took it got fed, drunk, or sufficiently high because of it." This is the second time Blood has lost gear from his studio, which was also burgled in February 2015.

Blood's latest album, the oneiric, beautiful Lost in Slow Motion, is one of the finest by a Seattle musician this year.