REI Workers Call for Better Pay and Working Conditions, Consider Unionization


The best way to support unions is to join or start a union. They need higher numbers to make a positive impact. And remember: you enjoy a weekend? Thank the unions.
REI makes a lot of money. I worked for them many years ago and then they tried to get big. Not well managed then, hope it's better now.
I truely hope these workers can find a schedule that fits their needs. Bit I also caution these workers. This bit of legislation is a one size fits all legislation that is intended to blanket the entire service industry. If you look hard enough you can see that the intent of Working Washington and others is to push workers to end up unionizing...and lo and behold, there is the AICU and other huge unions that have since been struggling, ready to help you and take your union dues.
We must truely scrutinize intentions here.
I sincerely hope that this is legitimate progressive legislation. I do however feel that it is another of Sawant's one size doesn't fit all whimsies. She along with the the labor unions have again, disregarded Full Service industry workers. We don't matter to them. This legislation wreaks havok on our work environment and culture and causes loss of wages and time. It creates restrictive scheduling practices among full service establishments and hurts workers.
Those of you who need a predictive schedule in order to live the life you desire, we stand with you. Please consider those of us whose jobs and lives depend on flexible scheduling. Please, the devil is in the details. Review this ordinance with a fine tooth comb and consider what negative impact it may have on not only you, but others who work outside of retail that the labor groups have not considered in the creating of this legislation and are basically dismissing.
REI sells the type of merchandise where they need knowledgeable sales people to explain the specs, to help you choose the ones that works best for what you want to do. They need to treat their sales people much better than this. There's zero reason why their sales and floor employees can't have set hours and schedules!

REI hasn't been a co-op for a really long time,( if they ever was at the beginning). I've been a member since high school, and I haven't received any rebates from my purchases for years. They used to send ballots for voting, but I haven't seen that for over a decade. Their prices are often even more expensive than other stores' now. Members get zero benefits that I can see. They should really stop calling themselves a co-op. I belong to two co-ops in B.C. where members get prices that are at least 30 percent less, because the profits are put back into the stores to lower the prices for members. We receive annual financial statements, and ballots to vote very year for the officers and the board.

REI is just Nordstrom with a climbing wall now. I'm amazed that they can continue to call themselves a co-op, without facing false advertising problems.
REI certainly isn't anything resembling a true worker's cooperative. Their merchandise IS expensive, but sometimes it really is the best place to shop for outdoor equipment an clothing. I took two foreign visitors to REI recently after we spent hours trying to find a particular brand of hiking sandal. The staff are always knowledgeable and helpful, so it is distressing to know that many employees can't get enough hours to support themselves entirely by working at REI, nor can they get predictable enough schedules to make it possible to take a second job. In addition to the CEO's lavish compensation, I'd like to know how much compensation the board members receive. Perhaps they aren't paid a lot, but REI spends a bundle flying them around on various junkets. It's not like REI is barely scraping by either. Membership isn't free anymore, and they currently out compete most of their rivals.…
Hasn't anybody figured out yet that retailers' self-congratulatory announcements about closing for a holiday so workers can spend time with their families is empty BS PR when it's really about saving money for the company by taking a day's wages away from mostly part-time workers who aren't eligible for paid holidays? It's about lowering operating costs not about giving warm fuzzies to workers.
#7 Where in my comment did the phrase REI appear?

Your apologia just lost credibility because you're parroting a press release inappropriately. Who's the stupid one, really?