Beloved Seattle Rock/Soul Vocalist Shawn Smith Is "Technically Homeless"


Wasn't Stone Gossard in Brad? I hear he has some coin.
According to La Fuente on the GoFundMe page, Stone helped Shawn for a while in the past.
Is Shawn also "technically" unemployed? Being a musician is hard. All the musicians I know in town (myself included) work day jobs to support ourselves. Maybe if Shawn washed dishes or found another way to make a few bucks, he could improve his situation.

I obviously don't know Shawn's situation and don't wish to pass judgement on him. I hope he finds happiness and a better situation.
I heard of this thing called Craigslist once.. Last time I checked there were over 200 restaurants looking for workers.. Get a job man
SHAME on the Stranger for taking advantage of a Go Fund Me set up by his friend, and choosing to write a damn article for the public and your trolls to make sh*tty comments on while you make vague insinuations about his mental state. You could have just posted a link with a brief explanation to allow people to go HELP HIM instead of sit back and pass judgement with you. Go crawl under a rock until you can find better stories. Try harder.
- one less reader

Did you reach out and ask Shawn Smith for his side of this story before writing that Smith is in a "distressed mental state" and "technically homeless"?

Xana is doing this without his blessing and perhaps he'd like to offer his thoughts before being maligned publicly.