Seattle Police Guild President Resigns After Offensive Facebook Post


Does the SPOG Pres. do any actual police work, or is it a full time Union job, and now that Smith has resigned, does he go back to being a detective? Also, if he is a detective, do the racist positions he's expressed as SPOG head compromise his credibility as a detective? It seems like any defensive lawyer would want to bring up Smith's character if Smith arrests anyone.
Meet the new boss...
Good riddance. He had a couple of days to formulate a response as to why he posted what he posted, but we all--including him--knows exactly what he meant in his post.

If we don't stand up as a Community and demand decency from our Police, and make sure the dirtbags who brutalize citizens are't protected and are sent civilian we deserve what will invariably result in an out of control police culture and police union.
So the question remains how deep his perspectives go at SPD...

Justice Department reform needs to be a public process. Implicit bias training for all officer who want to serve in Seattle must be mandatory, by a third party. The Civilian oversight committee must be reinstated and made permanent. OPA needs to be strengthened and cut from political whim and officers that serve need to be disconnected to SPOG, it is a conflict of interest. The state law that makes it nearly impossible for officers to be charged in cases of excessive unjustified use of force needs to be changed so communities of color can see justice. The fundamental perspective of what it means to serve needs to change from a warrior culture to a guardian culture and the blue wall of silence needs to be broken.

The City of Seattle needs to aspire to becoming leaders in the nation and world in connecting to Communities of Color and other oppressed communities.

The City of Seattle needs to make a official statement of the importance and support of Black Live Matter.

Seattle Liberalism must die, the party of over.
Next up: NAPO Exec Dir William Johnson, who labeled Obama the Neville Chamberlain of the war on cops.
Good riddance. I heard it said once that first you react, then you respond with some composure, awareness and intelligence, and when you are in a public servant I think this should happen in ALL CAPS. "In the heat of the moment" is often when you see the truest parts of a person, and he should have backed away from social media and done some self-reflection. Not that I believe he is at all capable of that, given his history, so goodbye, and let's hope for something better.
first law of holes
This is the same police departments Union who lead the SPD to defraud the citizens for accountability telling all cops to plead the fith on all abuse complaints. The cost in the aftermath have far exeeded 200 Million when all the costs are added up

Then Murrays first act as mayor was to put a Police Union Rep in as temporary police chief to erase disciplinary records of already proven abusive, lying Seattle cops.

Then all cops were given retroactive raise going back to 2011 based on their performance. They defrauded the entire city of Seattle AGAIN!!! and still no officers have been held accountable for this massive fraud on all of us as levy after levy comes down on all of us because there is no money in this city of Millionaires and Billionaires.

Seattle continues to sit stagnant in a hostage situation.
@12- "... telling all cops to plead the fifth on all abuse complaints." does not equal "...reminding them of their 5th and 6th Amendment Rights." Throwing out irrelevant case law is a cute red herring, but do you have anything to the point?
@1: Police Guild President is a full-time City of Seattle job. He is a public employee.
His retraction generalizes that "a small segment of society perpetuates violence toward law enforcement officers...." Yeah, a minority of ONE. It was a lone sniper acting in Dallas. Then who is this small minority he refers to? What small minority is moving about the US attacking officers? BLM is the implicit answer, but I think he is teasing the delusional conspiracy line still: "Obama and his (minority?) minions are in a violent cabal against cops!" It's just the kind of flim flam the alleged bad apples love to spoon up and his attempt at apology doesn't back down from that.
To be totally honest I forgot he wasn't the same person as Rich O'Neil. Hoping we might see a little real leadership from the next dude, but SPD needs so much more systematic changes than we've even tried. You look at departments that have made some actual progress, we're not even in the same game.

Thanks. But he's still an actual officer, right? I thought I saw him referred to as "Detective." Or is he a civilian?
Per The Seattle Times, Smith said they deleted the post because it was (yep, you guessed it) "taken out of context." How can a three line post, widely reported in its entirety, be taken out of context? Except these days, "I was taken out of context" just means "I was held responsible for my own bigoted stupidity."
@14- Still sticking to the red herring I see. Just because you have the right to remain silent doesn't mean you always should. "...if a public employee is told to say what happened or lose their job, anything they say that incriminates them of a crime is inadmissible in a court of law." has nothing to do with the conversation, but you keep inserting it. Get on topic or go away.