Trump Is Officially Nominated, Roger Ailes Is Officially Being Fired from Fox News, and Did You See the Seattle Times?


"Strife" is the first word in the headline. There are two stories, separated by a picture. The picture is of Washington Delegate Eric Minor and the caption under the picture explains how he tried to force a roll-call vote (with the quote "It's a miscarriage of justice"). The story to the left focuses on that issue as well (the strife, or the chaos and disunity at the convention). That is the only story that they wrote.

The story to the right of the picture was by A. P. It is a generic telling of the first day's speeches and the same disunity which is at the heart of the convention. It also mentions the fact that aside from lack of unity, the common theme from the first day is lack of policy. Speakers focused on attacking Hillary Clinton, instead of laying out a vision for America, and the programs or policies to achieve it.

None of that could hardly be called an endorsement of the party, or anything but a fair description of the events and the state of a convention run by a man that is opposed by almost all of the previous nominees of the party. With all due respect to Melania Trump, who gives a shit? In a normal year, that might be the day's lead -- hell, that might be the story of the convention (like when Clint Eastwood talked to the chair). But in this convention, it is a minor story compared to everything else, which is much worse.
One of the only good things about this week has been that I've been reading the Slog again lately after a long absence (not for any reason! Just because sometimes a website will drift off the roster for a while). It's very comforting to see familiar bylines and commenters, especially when some of my fondest Slog memories are of the site helping me get through the previous couple of frightening presidential elections.
It's not a stretch that "fury at Hillary" will define the Republican Party in 2016. It's not like the GOP is suffering from a dearth of anger, or hatred, or fear. Hatred is what sustains them; hatred is what consumes them; hatred is what defines them.
I don't see the plagarism story as a big deal at this point. I've read so many stories about Trump and/or his enablers doing stupid, wrong, crazy shit that it has no impact anymore. Honestly I'd rather read about baby herons than something about the election at this point, anyway.

And who said the ST skewed right? I'd argue that they skew right fiscally and left socially, at least based off the editorial board. Not that I don't have my share of problems with the paper, but veering right isn't one.
Really, I don't think the Stranger should be pointing any fingers at other newspapers' headlines; get your own house in order.
when exactly did everyone notice it was plagiarized? They probably were half way done printing the issue by then.
@4: The Times (and the Blethen family) are anti-labor, anti-tax, anti-transit, pro-Bush, pro-Iraq Invasion, pro-developer and pro-Eyman. No, they don't bash gay people, which might make them seem enlightened, but the paper most definitely skews right.
In even more important news, apparently herons are taking care of business, working over time. Work out.
Chris knows what I'm talking about (I didn't read the last line).
@9, everyone of a certain age knows what you're talking about.
ailes is riding out on a 40 mil severance.

the unpaid intern who rick rolled the trump campaign will probably get sued.
@7 Dan Savage endorsed the Iraq War, Hillary Clinton voted for it.
The plagiarism story (written by someone else) is on A-3 today. I think @6 had it right (the story appeared too late, and was not really the main story).

I would say the editorial staff is very hard right. Kind of crazy, Fox News right. Specifically like Bill O'Reilly. They occasionally say things that are sensible (legalize weed, gay rights) just to soften you up, and them wham! they endorse some whacko. The main problem they have is they never met a tax they didn't hate (which is at its root the Republican Party).

But I also think they have a very good wall between the bat shit crazy editorial staff and the news department. By and large the news reporting is good. Not bad, really, for a small city like Seattle (some of their original reporting is excellent).
@12: ...and your point? Fuck your Whataboutism.
I subscribe to the online version of the Seattle Times and there was plenty of coverage of the Melania Trump plagiarism story as soon as it broke late Monday night, early Tuesday morning.