Live-Slogging the Final Night of the RNC: The Trumpocalypse Begins


I don't like doing work any more than the next lazy fella, but there is no amount of boredom that could drive me to listening to Donald Trump give his GOP candidate acceptance speech during work hours. Maybe I could say I know exactly where I was the moment it all started to go wrong, but I can still do that without having to hear his ramblings.

I hope you all have plenty of alcohol on hand for when you start watching it in a few minutes.
Are we supposed to refresh continually, or scroll down? The timestamps on the tweets are hidden.
it automatically refreshes. just scroll.
I seem to like each new live slogging format less than the previous one.
This is what Nixon must've sounded like as a ten-year-old. God, he's stupid.
@4, yes. Tweets are just crap compared to the actual sequential comments we used to have.
@1: Still, it's worthy of monitoring him in one window while you multitask searching recipes or writing in another.
Good lord, that man will not shut up.
Even at this relatively late stage in the game and with so much at stake, I feel like there's still perhaps a 15-20% chance of him doing something completely insane that costs him the nomination. Maybe he physically assaults and injures a protester or calls Hillary a cunt during a live debate or [insert unfathomably batshit psychopathic behavior/tantrum here] thus allowing RNC Chair Phrience Phrebus to invoke some little known party clause revoke the nom and just throw Pence or Mitt in there in his place.
I don't buy the fantasy that he's going to resign, but I am curious, what happens if a candidate resigns between nomination and election? There must be some provision for actual death at least, besides the candidate who knocked off the other now automatically wins. I hope.
@1, we did. perhaps we should have had more. plus earplugs.