Mike Pence Once Gave Cover to Regimes that Execute Homosexuals


"Well, not to the honorable gentleman from Columbus."

Columbus is the capital of Ohio, not Indiana. You're looking for Indianapolis.
Wait, isn't this the same thing said about Hillary and her Saudi pimps?
Mike was born in Columbus, Indiana.
Well, it certainly is true that the RNC platform "erases the existence of queer Muslims" but Muslims themselves have been doing that in a very real way for a long time now, sometimes by erasing them from rooftops.
@1: Columbus, IN is a real place. IDK if Pence is from there.

It's actually one of the top 10 places in that POS state. Cummins paid for real Architects to design Civic Buildings - there are 2 Saarinen churches: an Eliel and an Eero.