Direct action gets the goods. Ansel Herz

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Two months after the university placed her on leave for "issues associated with her leadership and management," in response to a three-week-long protest campaign by students demanding her resignation, former dean Jodi Kelly is stepping down for good. The Seattle Times reports:

Jodi Kelly, a Seattle University humanities dean, has retired from the university but will remain an emeritus faculty member, the school announced Thursday.

Kelly was placed on administrative leave after students held a three-week sit-in to force her from the head position at Matteo Ricci College, an elite school at the Catholic campus.

Students demanded changes to the school’s curriculum, which emphasized Western history and philosophy. They also said the college’s climate was hostile for students of color.

Bye bye.

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UPDATE: The president of Seattle University, Stephen Sundborg, had nothing but praise for Kelly in his announcement of her resignation. The MRC Student Coalition, which organized the protests against Kelly, responds at great length:

The MRC Student Coalition recognizes Jodi Kelly’s departure from Seattle University as a success of years of organizing and a 24-day sit-in which prompted multiple investigations and countless testimonies. Fr. Sundborg’s failure to speak to the whole truth of the matter erases and disrespects all the trauma and pain suffered for years by students, alumni, faculty, and staff and the ongoing work currently being undertaken to address issues of culture, climate, and curriculum.