That was back in 2012
@1 And before that, all the minors getting drunk trashed every business once we privatized liquor sales? That is if any were still open after we forced paid sick leave on them.

Honestly, why do we take these mouth-breathers seriously every election cycle? I was just handed a flyer against the proposed secure scheduling bill from a Tom Douglas employee promising it'll be the end of life as we know it if it is approved. I asked if it's the same Tom Douglas who said the same thing about the minimum wage hike and paid sick leave?.... no comment.
@6 - Right. That's the point. It takes money away from people who have lots and gives it to people who have less.

People who mow lawns gotta eat too. Even if it isn't at Ivar's.
As director of the Seattle Minimum Wage Study at the University of Washington, I encourage all readers to follow the link in this article to read the study for themselves. The author of this article have given some idea of the complexity of the findings, but to repeat the claim that this study "proves that the minimum wage is good for everyone" is a significant disservice to readers. That is a blatant mischaracterization of our findings.
Yo @6 while you were dropping wisdom on macroeconomics 101 did you catch the last paragraph of the article? We have data about prices too.
Doesn't matter if there's "no compelling evidence." WE know the truth.

(Fun fact: this can be applied to any topic.... or CAN IT?????
Jesus fucking Christ what part of "prices haven't gone up either" were you all whacking it too hard to notice?

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