Hillary Clinton Makes History: The First Woman Nominated by a Major Political Party


Congratulations Hillary!
Who writes your captions? Ed Murray is not on Hillary's left. He's on her right. He's always on the right.
This nomination deserves attention itself:

I'm with her. What an amazing person and history.

Anyone, repeat, ANYONE who runs for President of the United States of America (or any major political office, here or elsewhere for that matter) has some innate desire for control. Do you think Jill Stein, or Darrell Castle, or Gary Johnson, or any of the other third-party candidates don't want a little taste of the sweet, sweet honey-infused elixir that comes with occupying one of, if not THE most powerful office on the planet? Think Again. They ALL want power, they ALL want to be in control; if they didn't they wouldn't be running in the first place.

Now, we can argue endlessly about how they may wield that power and control once they have it, but what is indisputable is their desire to obtain it.
Trump keeps saying Hillary hasn't held an open press conference in almost a year. Is this true?