A Recap of Roadies (a.k.a. TV's Longest Hour), Episode 6: Longest Days


I love the pacing, characters and dialogue of this show. Rather than seeming too long, I am always sad when it's over. I think the slow pacing and lack of DRAMA can be problematic for some people but to me, it's what makes the show great. The Janine plot line was a bit crazy...too nice to start with and too angry in Episode 6, but I really liked how the show tackled that issue of who owns a story..the person who writes about it or the person who lives it. For me, right now, it's the most enjoyable hour on television.
I'm glad Megan issued a not so unexpected warning about this show. Crowe's writing on rock music is very Wonder Bread, and the fact that Roadies appears to have all the edge of an ABC afterschool special is very much in keeping with his oeuvre.
I'm with @1.

I sort of like it. I mean. It seams like something that would've been less anachronistic set in the 1990's. But I kind like it's rock and roll mythology vibe.