Women of Seattle Council: Give Paid Parental Leave to All


If you're going to increase the B&O rate, you should also cut the corporate tax rate. It would be the progressive thing to do.
Money would be better spent paying people not to have so many kids.
No coverage of the donnybrook in the council chambers over the north precinct? The melodrama was running high.
They are politicians....well adept as spending other peoples money.

As the old adage goes: "Its easy to be generous with other peoples money. "

If the results of paid "parental leave" is so self evident, then leave it to the businesses to decide if they want to offer it.

At some point, the cost of all these concessions will be reflected in the price of all the good and services offered by merchants. If you thought Seattle was already expensive, hold on to your wallet, its about to go up a notch or two more.