Joe McDermott Endorses Brady Piñero Walkinshaw in Race for Washington’s 7th Congressional District


They're both good, but my support, has been with, and will stay with Jayapal
Think I'll stick with Pramila Jayapal, thanks!
They are probably just about the same when it comes to good liberal policies.

But I'll vote for the gay white part-Latin male over the cis het female Indian POC.

Oh? We are not supposed to base our vote on "identity"?
Not supposed to be "prejudiced"?
Supposed to base our decisions on individual merit?

Tell it to Jayapal.
"...supporters have championed Jayapal, the only woman of color in the state senate" yada yada yada
Couldn't stand the criticism of identity politics, eh Slog?
Looks like the boys are circling the wagons, in a tough & strong woman down-ticket year.
@5 Or maybe McDermott is endorsing Walkinshaw because of his superior record as a legislator. Glancing at websites, Walkinshaw has been endorsed by 14 of the 28 women in the WA legislature; Jayapal has been endorsed by 8.
Unfortunately our local progressive politicians have made a name for themselves by raising money and protesting while missing votes. I want a politician that goes to work and does their job. Jayapal's work on immigration is great. I would like to see that kind of work happen more in congress. Unfortunately, our politicians also have to do their job beyond their interests and passions. I don't want another grandstanding politician. Hearing Sawant's name every week is already maddening enough.