Um... what?

Friends of 88.5 FM, a nonprofit community organization formed to preserve local National Public Radio affiliate KPLU, announced new call letters today. The new community-owned station will be called KNKX, which stands for "Connects." The community feels connected to us and we to them.

Um... has no one at KPLU ever been on the Internet? Or had sex? Or sounded out a vanity license plate? Because KNKX doesn't read as "connects." It reads as "kinks."

Whose idea was this?

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Listeners were asked to submit their ideas to help decide which call letters best embody the success of the campaign, the future programs of the station and the spirit of the new community-owned station. Over 2,000 people submitted their ideas. The management team at 88.5 then broke it down to the top 5 choices, met with the Friends of 88.5 FM’s board, 88.5 listeners and staff, as well as a local marketing firm, and made a final decision. The winning submission came from an 88.5 listener who wishes to remain anonymous.

Congrats to the anonymous listener who successfully punked KPLU. Well done! (Hat Tip to those snot-nosed, gif-pimping upstarts at Seattlish.)