And a cop was shot and killed at a traffic stop in New Mexico.
Reports are coming in that the gun carried by the deceased was stolen.

Also, what the fuck are these people thinking? Gunfire at a protest, even a riotous one? Setting a gas station on fire? The people responsible for those in particular should have the book thrown at them; that speaks to a reckless disregard for human life.
(Go ahead, tell me how it's the police who really don't care about human life because they shot an armed criminal carrying a stolen handgun, as if there could never possibly be any such justification.)

Has anyone made that argument about police, at least on this post? And do you think "these people" are representative of the protesters? Would you say that all the protesters there would fall into the category that you describe in your parenthetical comment?
Wisconsin is an open-carry state, so having a gun visible should not be cause for being shot. So far reports are that the police having said whether the man pointed the gun or fired at police.

We do know that earlier in the week, and armed man who had fired at police was killed in Tukwila. Details are much clearer in that case, and there don't seem to have been any riots or protests.
@2@4 @5 @9 @10 @11

Golly, never seen anyone take that position on a topic like this before!

I bet you have a theory.
Are we going to have a Ferguson again?When the march starts I expect to see Uncle AL in the front row
@13: They might likely do the same thing: show up after the fact, take notes and file a report. My bets are that Ta-Hehisi is less likely to stop you for broken tail light and render your son or daughter fatherless.
Wisconsin (20 min west of Milwaukee) person here... will never understand why burning businesses in your own neighborhood is a rational response. if you'd come into the suburbs and burn stuff here...MAYBE that might have more of an effect...
If you take all of the "black" out of this story the original pursuit and shooting does not really sound outlandish at all.

>said earlier that he was carrying a gun that had been stolen in a March burglary in suburban Waukesha

A real fucking pillar of the community has been lost! Set shit on fire!
Black Lives Matter is a religion of love.
Very sad. Every human life begins as something very precious, an entire universe contained in one being. He made very bad choices but I like to think that almost anyone can get their act together. Don't committ robberies, take possession of stolen guns from robberies, and don't run from a cop while brandishing a stolen gun. No second chances for his dumb ass.
what a predictable comment thread.
@10: ha! that's exactly what my dad said to me the 1st time i ever made a comment about police violence. you're probably 80, too.

IIRC, christianity requires that you try to see things from your "enemies" perspective, to love them, and do good unto them. try loving black people more.
a guy *running from the cops* while in possession of a *stolen gun* is so far beyond a kid in a park or a man laid out on the ground.
So they're still releasing the victim's rap sheet minutes after the police shoot him, long before they have anything else to say about the case. While the police claim they haven't really decided yet if it was a justified shooting, "here's the guy's long criminal record. Just saying."

See, that right there, is police propaganda. They're manipulating public opinion. But Black Lives Matter is not allowed to speak?

I guess it's open season, still, on anyone with a long record. If we really believe that the life of anyone with a record is forfeit, why don't we just march them all into a gas chamber and be done with it? Gunning one down here and another one down there is expensive and messy. And it sends the message that society isn't entirely certain the lives of ex-cons are worth anything. We should make up our minds about what we actually want, and then act on it.
Hey, here's a theory:

Instead of thinking, "Oh, this guy had a long record. He's just the sort who would refuse to drop a gun and get shot. He'd be alive if he'd put his gun down, but he's not that kind of guy."

Stop and consider: this is a guy who has survived a dozen arrests for major crimes. Who knows how many times he's been stopped for some petty offense, or for nothing at all.Yet he survived all those arrests and other encounters with police. This is a person who routinely gets arrested, and routinely expects to have the police stopping and questioning him. And he's been coming out alive from these encounters for years and years.

So based on his rap sheet alone, I'd say refusing to drop his gun and getting shot because he didn't comply with police is totally out of character for this dude. Is it really plausible for someone this good at not getting shot to suddenly act like a n00b?

That's just my surmise, based on his rap sheet. It's too early to know anything. No facts have been uncovered. But we have his record the police kindly provided, so we should work with what we've been given.
Usual wankers who pop up to blame the black community, you have been outflanked. Have you read what his father said? He blames himself for his son's death. And before you say it, think: do you really think you have anything to say that a man who thinks he killed his own son hasn't already said?

"I had to blame myself for a lot of things too because your hero is your dad and I played a very big part in my family’s role model for them. Being on the street, doing things of the street life: Entertaining, drug dealing and pimping and they’re looking at their dad like 'he’s doing all these things.' I got out of jail two months ago, but I’ve been going back and forth in jail and they see those things so I’d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get."…
He was carrying a stolen gun. He knew he'd do time for that. He was a human being but also a dangerous one. He rolled the dice and lost. Tomorrow is another day for people who don't behave this way. Sad, very sad, but also unavoidable.
I keep forgetting: in modern day regressive thinking black's, women and anyone else in the hierarchy of oppression have no agency of their own. It's always the fault of the white male patriarchy.
Once again, we are already hearing reports about the victim's past but none about that of the shooter. We don't even have a name. Whether the shooting was justified or not is for a judge and jury to decide. For how: Who committed the homicide? Did he or she have a history of violence or of racially-biased policing?
@36: Should the same go for every cop, everywhere, who fires his or her gun that kills someone?

Also, the Milwaukee cop is African-American - so would an investigation of racially-based policing still apply if the cop and the deceased are of the same race?
what a dumpster fire this website has become.
@34. "He was carrying a stolen gun. He knew he'd do time for that.". Since private gun sales are still not regulated you are speculating that he knew the gun was stolen. Any time you purchase a gun from an individual it may be stolen.
Yes, and yes. Next question.
Unfortunately these rioters need some sort of moral center they can refer to so they'll understand the difference between the murder of Philando Castille and the lawful shooting of this thug with a stolen gun. I think any chance of a moral enlightenment went up with those gas pumps.
Race is a social construct and people need to get over themselves. I was just reading an interesting debate on the subject:
Race is a social construct and people need to get over themselves. I was just reading an interesting debate on the subject:

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