The political calculation is clear, right? If Jayapal loses this race, she could challenge Smith, in the district where she actually lives. She considered it in the past (tiny Smith is endorsing her to protect his own career.
@1 This is just nuts. If Jayapal can't beat a callow punk like Walkinshaw, how could she beat Adam Smith, the most relentless campaigner and field organizer in this state's entire Congressional delegation? Why does anyone imagine she ran in the 7th and not the 9th in the first place?
I'm not sure what you mean here by "first Congressional endorsement of the race" - Pramila Jayapal has already been endorsed by a dozen current members of Congress. Adam Smith, however, is the first member of Congress from Washington State to endorse her.
We who live in the 7th want Pramila- partially because she scares the dickens out of you Go Along Sell Out For Dollars incumbents
@2 What is behind the endorsement, then? These two have very little in common. Why is a centrist, hawkish, Blue Dog / New Democrat endorsing Jayapal?
@5 Does it occur to you that Adam is smart enough to recognize the stronger candidate when he sees her? Does it occur to you that he is smart enough to figure out that his constituents in Jayapal's legislative district prefer her to Brady overwhelmingly, and that he is responsible to the will of his constituents? Or do you cling to the tunnel vision of some presumed ideology?
I got to meet Pramila last Saturday at the Snohomish County Democrats quarterly meeting, Brady was also there and both gave nice speeches. (I have endorsed Brady Walkinshaw but can't vote for him since I now live in the second district. ) Senator Maralyn Chase gave a speech for Pramila Jayapal and Rep. June Robinson made a lively and convincing case for Brady. Even though the room seemed to have plenty of people, we didn't have a quorum so couldn't formally endorse them. We're lucky to have such good, progressive people.

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