From The Atlantic

Last month when The Atlantic's Alana Semuels wrote her piece The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America, it caught the attention of a lot of people around town—especially those who aren't exactly comfortable with the subjects of gentrification and racism. (While we may pride ourselves on our progressive attitudes, check out how our hackles automatically rise when others point out that we're not doing enough on these subjects.) But instead of just dropping off that article and moving on to other topics, The Atlantic is following up—and starting a conversation with residents who DO want to talk about it.

In this article published yesterday titled Gentrification in Portland: Residents and Readers Debate, author Chris Bodenner pulls some of the comments submitted on the previous story, breaks them down, and fact checks them. This one focuses on the Albina neighborhood, and The Atlantic plans on doing even more pinpoint examinations of various areas around the city. THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE, AND YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK IT OUT. Sometimes it takes outside perspectives to call attention to problems and offer solutions. Whether we're well-meaning or not, without conversation and action, Portland's racism and gentrification will only get worse.