There's a Horrifying Statue of Donald Trump in Capitol Hill


Is the plaque a reference to Hillary?
Bravo! That is fucking hilarious.. Gross, but hilarious!

So it wasn't clear from the post: did each of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Cleveland get their own statue? Or is this one doing a national tour and it's just our turn now?
it....its veiny :S
Hands are too big.
Would love to compare the reaction to this and a very nude, very unflattering statue of Hillary.
The would-be emperor has no clothes...
Seems a bit complimentary around the hair and hands. Artist is probably a trump fan-boy.

Montgomery Burns: "And, uh, incidentally, thanks for not making fun of my genitalia."
Marge: "I thought I did."

Unfortunately bigots don't make good artists.
@3: Each city has its own statue, according to The Washington Post. I've clarified that in the article. Thanks for pointing that out!
@1: You were able to navigate Slog's profile page to add a photo to your profile? Tell me the secret! Does it require a burnt offering or something? I haven't gotten it to work for months.

According to the Post, "Ginger" once considered voting for Trump, but decided against it after the Republican nominee made fun of a reporter who had a disability.

"I have family members that are physically and mentally handicapped and who need different types of care,” he added. “When I saw what he did, I was in such a rage.”

There's the sign of a true intellectual: you don't care how repulsive they and their policies are until they do or say something that affects you directly.
If that's your idea of "mayonnaise-colored", it may be time to clean out your fridge.
Ewww! But yes @3, very creative and effective.
@6, Unflattering? Pretty sure the artist was being generous.
...and once Trump becomes president...the artist who created this piece will be hung in the town square...your creative freedom will come to an end...your own end...
I think the whole thing's just plain hilarious. Trump thought he had bigger nads than the internet and could push the whole country around but man, did he ever turn out to be wrong about that.

This is the perfect response to such a bloated, misogynistic, narcissist, now everyone can see that the would-be emperor truly has no clothes.
@6 makes a valid point.
@6 Not that your predictable response warrants another response, but it'd probably be considered pretty sexist, though only one candidate this election cycle used critical time in a debate to positively discuss the size of his own body parts.

"The horrors, THE HORRORS!"
would The Stranger (and Dan Savage) think this was funny if it was a fat Hillary Clinton? after all, Trump is just the designated boogeyman; he's not going to get to be emperor, the DNC has already rigged it to be sure of that.
While you have a laugh at this, realize that doing so legitimizes putting up naked status of HRC.

Trump is repulsive because of his ideas. If you say he is repulsive due to his appearance, then you invite judging the merit of any idea by the physical appearance of the speaker.
@21 Oh lighten up. Cheeto Jesus is just begging for mockery, and I can't wait to see his meltdown over this. You know how thin-skinned he is.
@9: Richard Wagner.
It's really very simple- once Hillary becomes President she will become an appropriate target of satire. Right now the appropriate target is a viscous, immoral bully, entitled to the max, who lacks all shame and self-awareness.
Probably not too far stretched from what Trump really does look like. I'm not too surprised he dyes his pubes. No wonder why he's on his third wife. With a small thing like that, and a belly to get in his way, she doesn't get any either.
The hands are a little too big, but everything else seems accurate. Hurrah for art!
Clearly, this will change thousands of votes.
P.S. when will someone actually get brave and put something like this in Everett or Magnoila instead of CH, where your preaching to the choir?
No guts out of your playpen.
A similar one should go up right beside it of HRC, same body minus the pee- pee, and a few feet shorter , reaching a little below waist level
Hey, do your artistic thing, but please consider that equating less man parts with powerlessness is a tired insult. It's anti-woman, body shaming and anti-trans.
In the background it looks like a Democratic controlled city .... Bet he was robbed of his clothes s ...


NOT IN UNION SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just there last summer on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is one MAJOR flaw in this statue.

TRUMPENSTEIN has the most disgusting FEET I have ever seen.

How do you know this? You say.

About 20 years ago, sometime in the 1990s, d.t. was on the cover of People Magazine (I'm pretty sure it was People).

He was sitting down in casual attire wearing that Stupid smile of his and he wasn't wearing any shoes or socks.

I was stunned, STUNNED, I tell ya' how at absolutely HIDEOUS this freak's feet were.

Gnarled, crooked toes, covered with corns and bunions. I couldn't BELIEVE someone who is as
disgustingly conceited as this guy would allow his feet to photographed.

I have tried to locate the cover on the Internet without success.

A challenge to all you investigative journalists out there -

A picture of donnie's feet


The absolute BEST thing about it was the brilliantly tongue-in-cheek response from NYC Parks Communicatins guy, Sam Biederman, commenting on the very speedy removal of the statue: "NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small." Awesome. :-)
Racism and sexism is okay but mocking the disabled is a step too far? Okay.