This statue is making it hard to focus on all the legitimate reasons to hate Donald Trump
I can belly believe how much I hate this goddamn statue.

Gothamist has an interview with a representative of INDECLINE, the putative "anarchist collective" responsible for the Trump statues that I, for one, can't stop thinking/reading/talking about. One one hand, they are skilfully-crafted objects (which apparently cost about $6,000 apiece—perhaps the proprietors of No Parking will offer store credit?). On the other hand, they are blazingly shitty, cynical art that brutalizes the viewer (in the sense that to brutalize means to turn someone into a brute).

On yet another hand, maybe the statues are actually commenting on that very truth, that the real subject of the work is not Trump or his genital apparatus, but the corrupted humanity of the people who stand next to them in the selfie.

Meanwhile, on hand number four, the death of political satire.

Hand five: The analogy to Hans Christian Andersen's little fable doesn’t work AT ALL (Trump’s not the emperor; he’s the fucking clothesmakers. GOD!).

Hand six: The magnitude of legitimate contempt for Trump is strong enough that it has awakened the lowest impulses in his haters, exactly the same thing his demagoguery has done to his supporters.

So many hands, so little time left to the election.

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Anyway, the interview is exactly what you'd expect:

Trump is a monster relentlessly stalking America in a nightmare we can’t seem to wake up from. INDECLINE wanted to erect a tribute that spoke to Trump’s true nature using Hans Christian Andersen’s tale as our inspiration. If you know the story, you understand it’s about the Emperor’s fragile and delusional mental state.

And also exactly what you'd expect:

Is making fun of normal human flaws stooping down to Trump’s level? Lots of people do look like this and now they’re having passersby call them ‘disgusting' by proxy.
America wants to see his tax returns. INDECLINE wants to know if he’s got a small dick. Simple as that.

Thanks for making discourse great again, y'all.