"Is Climate Change to Blame?" Well, the cause of the 14k acre fire burning now was a diseased pine tree falling on power lines. Considering that pine beetle tree deaths are absolutely devastating forests across the continent, that they are strongly linked to temperature, that temperatures have been going up in a causal way that even Cliff Mass wouldn't deny, and that the same beetle-plagued trees make for dry tinder to turn little fires into huge ones... Yes. Climate change is absolutely to blame.
You won't have to listen to fellow passengers' cell calls because there are signs asking people not to be overly loud.
So casual misogyny is still out, but casual misandry is in. Got it.
It's pretty obvious most of you are on vacation and auditioning for jobs with the Suburban Times
Banning alcohol at college parties.

Well, I'm sure everyone will comply.

Problem solved!
Murray appointed someone with no experience but plenty of political connections. I'm totally shocked.
Excellent idea Stanford. My older brother was saying that when the drinking age was changed to 21, all underage students stopped drinking alcohol at college immediately. Only sarsaparilla and flavored popcorn were served at parties.
Don't fret about people talking on their cell phones - it's already possible in a majority of the system.

People peed their pants when the MTA announced they'd bring cell service into the tunnels, worried that people would start yammering non-stop. Of course, those were Manhattan-only yupiie fucks who didn't realize that a majority of the outerboro system was above-ground already and it wasn't a pressing issue.

Yeah, men are getting so oppressed these days.
Stanford should ban short skirts and cleavage at parties next.
At some point I would think people would realize that the types who actually do drunk rapes or other College Things™ really don't care what kind of snarky "oh le MEN" comments and slogans and other empowerment crap is directed their way.

You aren't talking to anybody who needs to listen to you and the people who need to listen to you don't care what you have to say. Hell the whole Amy Schumer/Lindy West school of thought is more of a choir-preaching circle jerk.

Everyone outside is thinking "I don't rape people so stop yelling at me about it, and also you are really pretty fat and that's not healthy regardless of your confidence"

Keep enjoying your high from your identity politics, it doesn't matter to anyone who actually needs to care.
When I started college back in Iowa the drinking age was 19. You could buy beer at the bar and the bowling alley in the student union. Kids drank heavily their freshman year, both because of the lower age and the new found freedom of being away from home, but it cooled down after that. I think raising the drinking age to 21 actually made the problem worse.
I'd rather drive, hassle traffic, and pay for expensive parking than be privy to a banal cell phone conversation.
Good grief American men are such fucking babies. If your feelings are hurt by snarky internet comments but you are unbothered by the kind of victim-blaming approach to campus sexual assault that is centered on the premise that men cannot be trusted to not rape drunk women, you might want to do a little soul-searching. It's not the people making snarky comments who are selling you short.
No dismissive snarking in retort to other snarking either. Got it.
Liquor doesn't contribute to rape, men contribute to rape!

Guns don't kill people, people kill people!

(if you think that one is misleading but the other is perfectly fine, you're part of the problem)
Cell Service between Westlake and the U District first.

Of course. Light rail has been a reality in SE Seattle since 2009. But it's mostly served SE Seattle. No cell service for 7 years. But almost immediately following service opening up north of downtown they roll-out cell service. Within months of north-of-downtown rail service opening up.

Do you suppose there's any connection between amenities (cell service... wifi... tunnels...) and the relative wealth of the regions served?
Knat hits it out of the ballpark twice in the Morning News. Venomlash walks to first, barely.
But personal responsibility can't enter into the conversation any more. Those women who kept taking drink after drink from Matt Hickey weren't endangering themselves, only he's to blame. We went from black and white to black hole and supernova. Reasonable discourse isn't possible.

At some point there will be a critical mass of platitudes and hashtags and women will suddenly stop getting raped!
@19 I have been riding light rail since it opened and my phone has always worked on the line to SeaTac. It was only in the tunnel under Beacon Hill that it didn't...sort of. Part way through I'd lose signal but regain it near the other end.

So yeah, your attempt to blame lack of cell phone coverage on amenities for wealthy people doesn't fly. Maybe you need to switch to a carrier that covers south Seattle.
@20: A base is a base.

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