Science News: Genetic Engineering Will Produce Future Usain Bolts, Trump Is Bad, Bad, Bad on Science


I thought it was kind of funny in GATTACA (sorry, I'm compelled to write it like nucleotides) that the "natural" non-engineered guy had the biggest penis. I mean, maaaaybbbeee societal values change drastically in the future, but you would think they would still be encoding THAT into the male genome.

I wish they'd make a sequel and follow Vincent Freeman to Jupiter or wherever he was going. Besides the social commentary, the sciencey part of the movie was also THE BOMB.

And hey, blue-color rednecks thinking about voting for Trump?: it's ONLY rich people that have the luxury of not believing the science. Jeez! (We have got to do something about education in this country).
Blue *collar* eeep.

And he was going to Titan.
@1 Sandiai: Thank you for beating me to it. FTW!
Seriously---anyone from the working class who ISN'T in any of the the following four categories:
1) Filthy, stinking rich & corrupt
2) White male
3) Republican
4) Misogynist, racist, and toxic NRA worshipping, macho pigheaded

should NOT be voting for Trump! He's laughing at all you dumbed-down idiots!
His best "bro" is Vladamir Putin, fer Christ sake!!
Nobody should be voting for Trump, PERIOD.