Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does



I'm sure Bill Maher will have him on again, though!
I hope he presses charges against that bitch (the one who distributed the pictures) and she goes to jail.

I hope he sues the "news"paper that publicized the pictures.

I hope he gets some serious therapy and maybe a little less time with his son because that's really fucked up.
This just goes to show that everyone in their right mind must avoid all contacts with Trump supporters.
And Melania Trump has been a victim of this also.
@2 I think the problem is that a criminal case, isn't that Weiner and a prosecutor don't have a case, it is that it will be difficult in getting a conviction against releasing sexting texts with Anthony Weiner. The photo with this child, can be also be used a way to report about his behavior that is borderline criminal in itself. (it probably isn't)

The best thing and healthiest thing Weiner can do, is get some therapy for his paraphilia of exhibitionism, or double his effort if he is in therapy right now, because it isn't working. if he wants to change, he has to admit he has a problem with his self destructive behavior..
I don't find his sext with the kid present to be a cringe moment. He's stuck alone with a baby and his marriage has obviously been on the rocks since his wife just announced a separation. What's he gonna do? Run to the bathroom to send a dick pic with the kid out of the room? I'm sure when he's home alone with the baby he shits with it in sight as well. The baby's attached to his hip for now. So, I'm whatever on that. Wiener does appear to lack a lot of judgement though, of course. But whatever, it's not like he's breaking the law. Leave the guy alone.
@2: agreed
@3: BwaaHahaha
I couldn't imagine being humiliated nationally - twice! - and then carrying on with the same behavior. The first incident would have been forgivable had he not lied about it, but everything since has been a downward spiral seeking rock bottom. He needs help.
Dan, thank you! As always, a compassionate, reasoned, measured response.
Fuck the American Psychiatric Association and the DMS-5. Anthony Weiner is a sex addict. Addiction is a "chronic and RELAPSING brain disease characterized by compulsive use of a mind-altering substance (or behavior) despite negative life consequences."

I added the "or behavior." Anthony Weiner added the negative life consequences.

Addiction is. Relapse happens.
@4- Melinia Trump has been the victim of sex-shaming, but I don't recall her having private correspondence publicized for the purpose of sex-shaming.
a lot of liberal types (Dan Savage included) would be pretty happy if this happened to the unsympathetic types on the far right. We can admit that Weiner was a pretty outspoken and 'obnoxious' presence in the political field. I'm not going to loose my shit because the GOP media took him down, even though I think he had a great mind and agreed with most of his positions.

He could be a national security risk (blackmail of the cheating husband) given his wife's day job, and I'm actually glad it's out in the public . He should be in counseling and I hope he gets better.
@6: What's wrong is the sheer fact that the kid is in this story to begin with.
@6, I don't think he needs to be in a different room from his baby to take the picture. He just needs to take it from a slightly different angle. Don't send pictures of your baby in your sexts. Jesus, I can't believe I just had to type that. Baby's don't belong in sexy pictures. Ever. Just leave the baby out of all of your sexual behaviors. Always!
Was discussing this case this am with a few lawyers who know these laws a LOT better than I do.

AW's got a catch-22. To go after the woman for revenge porn, the pic has to either clearly show his junk or show him engaging in a sex act. ("(1) intimate body part or parts, as defined, of another identifiable person, or (2) an image of the person depicted engaging in specified sexual acts")

If it IS either of these, then HE has a problem b/c of the kid on the bed. That's automatic DSS involvement. Wouldn't go anywhere, but they would investigate.

So either he was engaged in something sexual and she can go after him, but having the kid present presents real issues for him. Or it wasn't sexual. He has to chose.

So they all thought his attorneys should tell him to suck it up and hope it blows over.
@6 " I don't think he needs to be in a different room from his baby to take the picture"

I think a judge in a neglect case or a child custody case would have a very different opinion on that.
@14 the only reason this would be a bigger deal with a GOP lawmaker is if they were a "family values" holier than thou politician, aka most of the GOP. I couldn't give half a shit about a politician sharing pics of his dick (or even access to his dick) in general. I only care about it in those cases when the politician ran on a platform of being more family and faith based than his opponent.

That's why while I find Vitter to be an unacceptable shit who should be burned at the political stake, I couldn't care less about Bill Clinton's BJ. Clinton didn't win his election based on the idea that he was more Jesusy. Vitter did.
@18, I'm not a judge, or even a lawyer, but I doubt it. I don't think there's anything wrong with an infant being in the room while you're in your underwear or even naked. Plenty of people shower or bathe with their child. I don't see any reason taking a picture like that is in any way harmful to the kid.

Having the kid in a picture like that and sending it to someone, that part's fucked up. Now that kid's picture is worldwide news and the kid had no choice in the matter.
We have enough tacky on the Republican side of things. We really don't need it on the Democratic side.

And my suggestion for Mr. Wiener is this: If you feel the need to send pictures like that while babysitting, it's OK to get up and take the photo with the child outside of the frame. The child is not likely to fall off the bed or anything in those few moments.
@18: Say what? Parents have been having sex with babies in the same room forever. A selfie isn't criminal.

You don't send out pictures of your kids because you never know what skeezeball is on the other end. That's an error. But the kid being present, eh.
I am old enough that I have never suffered a barrage of unwanted dick pics online. (This is not a complaint.) But if I ever did, I would put them up online on a website titled, and encourage others to send in their unwanted dick pics. I am told that this would violate the copyright of the dick sender. But I think a different argument could be made, assuming the pics were "junk only" and not identifiable.

The pics were sent to me without my consent and without my explicit promise of confidentiality. They are a digital, easily reproducible media. The sender should assume that once such pics leave his possession, they will be shared with the world, just as he did when he sent it to me. By sending them to an unknown, non-consenting person, he forfeits whatever copyright he might have enforced.

Or as Miss Manners says when people complain that a friend shared their secret with others, who shared your secret first?

Weiner is obviously waaaaay beyond obsessed with his wiener.
Oh fuck me, why couldn't this have been Rush Limbaugh sending cock-next-to-kid pics.
With divorce either party can get a free name change in some states. Maybe he could change his name to Hugh G. Rection?
@27: Because he leaves the country for sex tourism and doesn't try to impress randos.

Good on the wife. Even if they have an arrangement of some kind, Wiener is stupid and crass/gross.
I thought he already had an alter ego: Carlos Danger
@30 Carlos Danger-to-my-custody-rights, perhaps
Urgutha Forka: "I don't find his sext with the kid present to be a cringe moment."

Amen! I think Buzzfeed recently ran a piece called '10 great ways to spice up your sext life', and including your infant children in them was at the top of the list. Great parenting. Memories to last a lifetime.
Speaking of reckless self-destructive behavior, did anybody at NY Post notice what just happened to Gawker for publishing revenge porn? Just sayin'...
Dear Mr. Savage,
From a different angle if I may: here is a man who keeps wrecking himself time after time and doesn’t seem to have control over his compulsive, self-destructing acts. I suspect he may be also intoxicated while doing his shit in order to overcome some mental barriers, hence the easily avoided mistakes.

Anyway, would you and/or any of the experts be willing to take another look at the much denied sex addiction?

I'm a proud graduate of the program which, among other things, helped me live in peace with myself and explore new things.
Gross. This man seems to have a fetish for his cock, he needs to get himself on over to fetlife, he'll find his tribe there.
Next to his sleeping child. Seriously? No defence on that one.
I'll agree with Mr Savage's description of Mr W. I'm not paid enough to decide whether or not it's hilarious how some people call certain other people talented.
Is there an expectation of privacy in messages to strangers?

Forget about the dick pic. Suppose Weiner has said something unbelievably inappropriate to this random woman. Would we be irate if she shared this message with the media, along with a screen cap to show she wasn't making this up? I wouldn't. You don't expect random people to keep your confidences.

It's different in an established relationship, of course. One expects that messages to your spouse/partner/whatever won't be published, whether or not those messages contain photos. But messages to complete strangers?
@27: Because Rush is not a self-absorbed, kinky, philanderer.
After reading the New York Post account of the texting exchange, I'm actually changing my mind about the wiener. It seems to me that he just has a high sex drive and is the kind of person who shouldn't be in a monogamous relationship. It sucks for his him, his wife and kid to find that out now, but he should really just embrace it and go with it. He seems to really enjoy hooking up with women and should just have fun with that. He's obviously a big narcissist, but who in politics isnt? He needs to find a career that will let him have the private life that he wants to have. Without judgment.
Alright! We have a Rush fan here! Hi there, raindrop! I agree that Rush would never get caught up in a sext scandal like this, particularly given the infinitesimally small chance of him ever finding a willing participant.
RE: The Baby

I think it's a pretty common thing for parents to be about to get it on, or to be getting it on, or to be watching porn/texting whatevs, and suddenly- there's your kid disturbing you. It can be funny or awkward, depending on the context. Really it's the difference between a frustrating libido killer or a humorous libido killer. So he's home babysiting and sexting and the baby crawls on the bed, ha ha. I can see how it's a silly thing to happen, and that does not mean he was neglecting the child or that he has any sexual interest in children or that he's a bad dad or anything. THAT is not a problem.

BUT choosing then to take a picture of your child beside your covered and clothed boner and send it to a woman (who is not the child's mom btw) as a part of your sexting session???? That's weird, problematic, icky, a libido killer, all those things. If she had been the child's mom, I could see that it could be interpreted as "ha ha, look what parenting has done to our sex life- I'm texting you and our child interferes" - it's still weird because of the boner, but I can see how it could be funny between parents. But this...

I'm not willing to go so far as to call him a danger to children or anything like that. But it's a HUGE misjudgement that shows that he really isn't operating in a healthy way.
RE: Sex with kids in the room

Throwing my hat in the ring that the problem is including the kid in the photo and mentioning him in the text, not that he happens to be in the room. Alright, full disclaimer that I don't have kids though I've helped raise a couple- it's not the same thing. But I come from a culture where shared family rooms are pretty common and where couples usually have no privacy. And for most of human history this is the case. You can have sex with kids in the room when they are sleeping heavily. You have to be quiet and under the covers, but you can do it. It's normal for most of the world. I've not personally done it myself (again, I'm not a parent) though my parents and grandparents did when I was kid (according to them... I have no memories) and most of my extended family/friends circle do. It's only weird if you are from a culture in which people live in big houses in nuclear families, which is not most people on the planet and certainly not the historical norm. When the kids make noise or stir, you stop, hold your breath, hope they'll fall back to sleep. And if they don't, you get up, put on a robe, and tend to them. You don't take pictures of yourself near them, omg, no.
@43 EmmaLiz. The difference is, most people don't take screen shots of their bedroom antics.
Sending a photo of himself, erect thru his clothes, to some random woman with his child right there, that is not the same as what you are talking about.
@44 Both things, I said. I was responding to the earlier posts in the discussion to make the same clarification that you did. And adding more context (and different scenarios) in response to the poster who suggested that a judge in a child custody case might find sexting in the same room with a child as neglectful/harmful- even if the child is not in the pic (which as we both said is the problem).
Dan and Weiner apologists: you are so wrong on this. The kid is not a baby, he is almost 5. That is definitely old enough for him to see what his dad is doing and remember it if he wakes up. You do not have sex in front of your sleeping 5 year old, you do not sext in front of your sleeping 5 year old.

I feel bad for Huma. But not for Weiner, not anymore.

The first time out, Weiner lied instead of owning it. If he'd admitted and owned it, I would have been with Dan, he wasn't a sex phobic hypocrite as a lawmaker, give him a break.

But every time he's gotten caught, he HAS chosen to sex shame everyone who does like to sext consensually, saying what he did was deeply wrong, flawed, etc. He has been living a lie and repeatedly lying to his wife, saying in public he is recovered, saying it's evil to sext outside of your marriage.

There is nothing wrong if you have an open relationship and an agreement sexting adults outside of your relationship (when your kids are not within view of the phone). Or you can say "none of your business" even if you're a politician. But Weiner kept trying to "repent" in public, to play the role of poor me, pretending it was over him. And to run for office. HE BECAME A SEX SHAMING HYPOCRITE.

And just 2 weeks ago yet again there was a profile in the New York Times, a Q&A, like he was planning another run for public office (NYT did that *last* time he tried to run). Gee, NYT, there are so many ethical, honest sex positive Dems (and boring vanilla ones too). Back some of them for a change. And Mr. Weiner, if you ever read this, why not own your behavior? Be in a relationship with someone where you can have an honest agreement and permission, and sext away to your heart's content, and if you're caught again, say "what's the big deal."
Nothing about this story is good. Everyone sucks.
@14 +1, *because* he pretended to be over it and stopped, and because it was still going on, and because he was just interviewed in NYT 2 weeks ago and once again pretended it was past him -- it is a national security risk.

His wife works for the future President (I hope Hilary becomes President and Huma still works for her). So, yes, this whole sordid sad affair is a valid matter for public discourse. I believe most politicians deserve privacy if they are not hypocrites, but in this case, it's different.

And +1 to whoever said above (can't find it -- maybe another site?) maybe his kink is getting humiliated and shamed in the global press with pics of his cock going planetwide. Sure seems like it! If this *is* his kink, and *if* Huma agreed (which I doubt), then more power to him for pulling a fast one on all of us!
OK SLOGgers, take a look at Huma's smiling around 0:45-0:50 in this video. It doesn't look like she's mad or embarrassed (this was after the mayor's race that he lost, second sext scandal), looks to me like she's just bemused:…

If she was cool with it (and him), why didn't they just say that? No more security risk, no more pretending to be "forgiven" for "mistakes." If it was by agreement, just be honest and tell the american public to get the fuck over it and focus on the issues. I wish that was the outcome here.
@40 "I'm actually changing my mind about the wiener. It seems to me that he just has a high sex drive and is the kind of person who shouldn't be in a monogamous relationship."

This isn't about sex drive, whether it is low or high sex drive. Anthony Weiner has a paraphilia. He probably has an exhibitionistic disorder. He needs serious mental health counseling. He probably has a very difficult time to control himself.

What Weiner wants, is the fantasy of shocking women. In some ways it could be looked upon as a mental disorder.. An exhibitionist thinks the shock reaction is a reciprocated sexual feelings. What Weiner is doing probably falls into the category of courtship disorder.

Even though he is clothed, it appears he is sexting with a consenting adult. The photo of Weiner with his child, to me was to shock the recipient. I just see Weiner having a paraphilia that he has to address immediately. His behavior is self destructive. He sent photos to non consenting women in the past, or went from chatting to sending his penis photos. He also seemed he can't control it, even though it has wreck his career, and now wreck his marriage and the role in his life for his child..

@43 " But I come from a culture where shared family rooms are pretty common and where couples usually have no privacy. And for most of human history this is the case"

This isn't about having sex with children in the room, or having sex while they are asleep in the same room. Weiner was using his child as a prop, as basically sadistic pleasure to shock the recipient, ("You see how big I am, even though my child is next to me")

Anthony Weiner has a mile wide paraphilia. Couples having sex while child are sleeping are trying to avoid waking up the child. Weiner has use his child as a prop for his gratification. It is pretty non consensual, no matter there is no touching involved. He wants to shock..

@42 "That's weird, problematic, icky, a libido killer, all those things. If she had been the child's mom, I could see that it could be interpreted as "ha ha, look what parenting has done to our sex life- I'm texting you and our child interferes"

This is the reason why Weiner has to be intense therapy or he has to be treated with a mental health disorder. Much like pedophiles are romantically attracted to children and believe the feelings are reciprocated, exhibitionists or those with exhibitionistic disorders, believe their shocking behavior (photo with child with a crotch shot) is mutual with the recipient. It is a courtship disorder. The person with the paraphilia doesn't realize how behaviorally wrong is his or her actions..

Even if Weiner didn't take the photo with his child, he has done so many disturbing things before this with his paraphilia, (mainly sending these type of photos to non consenting adults, except one, Andrew Breitbart) He needed to be intense therapy after his first public shaming.

Look, I don't see Weiner's paraphilia as curable, I see it as treatable. He should have very strict rule and time restraints on his internet usage. He should basically have filters on his computer and smart phone. He needs to take some powerful anti depressants to help with this serious behavioral and mental health issue. The guy wreck his career, his marriage and his relationship with his child, I don't know how much more self destructive can he be right now..
@20: He made a joke that this is who he is "sleeping with". Sleeping with, if you're extraordinarily dense, also means having sex with. The joke HE made is that lol, he's having sex with his own child J/K!

But also showed pictures of his child behind his genitals, a child that's unrelated to the cheating, providing a combination wholly inappropriate on a number of levels.

@4: Knowing his temper, Trump would've murdered Melania in public (probably at a press conference) had she been cheating on him, took cameltoe shots with sleeping child in public, and then texted them to an unwanted source that leaked her to the media, after getting in trouble for similar shithead acts in the past.

@39: Oh fuck off he certainly is, but he visits prostitutes in the Dominican Republic to cheat on his spouse (his fuckfests with cohorts are a matter of public record due to his trying to fly with a few years' supply worth of viagra), he makes sure there's no photographic evidence.
@52: He needs to be single and not sext ANYONE. I'm sure considering the women who have received this unwanted contact are just the tip of the iceberg of how many have received the same wangshots.

Yeah I was wondering about that. Revenge porn is relevant in this case as the woman was consensual involved in these exchanges, then decided to expose him. Way wrong.

But in the cases in which he sent texts that were unsolicited? I mean, if you send me a pic of your boner when I'm not consenting, why would it be revenge porn if I expose you for it? You did it to shock and/or harass me. Or else you are delusional enough to think all women want to see your dick.

I think you are correct about this exhibitionist thing. Seems to be that's where he's getting his kicks- the risk and the shock. Who knows.


Did he make that joke? I thought he said "someone just climbed onto my bed"- not that he was sleeping with him.

It's way icky and problematic- shows he's not operating in reality if he thinks the woman he's sexting wants to see that and also that he has no respect for boundaries, etc. But I'm hesitant to say he's implying anything harmful to the child. Americans have a way of freaking out about children that goes to an extreme. It's likely just a totally misguided and gross joke ("Look! I'm sexting and the child interferes! Parenthood is nuts") rather than an innuendo about his child's involvement in his sex life (way disturbing). But I only read this article. If he said that elsewhere in the sexting, then you are right and that is concerning.
No Dan, this is NOT the same as Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence and Leslie Jones. Their accounts were hacked. Weiner voluntarily sent those photos to a stranger, knowing full well what the risks were. He did not lock them up in an account with a password.
Sending pics of your kid to someone you don't know fairly well just never seems like a good idea, the fact that it was the type of pic it was just compounds that.

It's also a shame to have someone who was a promising voice for his constituents be unable to control impulses that were bound to come out, even if he'd bothered being careful. He probably shouldn't have been a public figure if he couldn't control these impulses, he's pretty much been unhireable for anything for some time.

Which brings me to one thing that's really bothered me in these comments - he was not babysitting. He's the primary caregiver for his child, not hired help. Even if he wasn't the primary, as a father, he was categorically not babysitting.

I feel bad for the kid, not only was he dragged into this scandal, but his custody is going to be major news and his life is going to be massively disrupted. He's also going to know more than any of us ever should about his parents' sex lives, whether he directly remembers this experience or not, it will haunt him.
@55: "Did he make that joke? I thought he said "someone just climbed onto my bed"- not that he was sleeping with him."

Oh, maybe that was the exact series of words, but the euphemism is real, when you're exchanging sexy texts of your genitals it's highly inappropriate to say hey look at my [COCK] son!
Even as a CPOS this guy has boundary issues, even among cheaters trying to frame your junk with your offspring is fucking weirdo territory.
@55 "Did he make that joke? I thought he said "someone just climbed onto my bed"- not that he was sleeping with him."

The point, in my opinion, is to get another crotch shot with a new twist, the child is in the background of the picture, while the emphasis is on Weiner's genitalia. To most people, including me, the photo is really disturbing, and it is actually difficult to see. Weiner's emphasis was to shock, as anyone with an exhibitionistic paraphilia. The guy has a very serious problem, maybe a very serious mental illness, (as is Pedophlia)

Whether Americans are prude or not, (I see my fellow Americans as more crass, and self righteous on sex and reproductive health) is kind of immaterial for Weiner's problems. Weiner's intent is to get aroused by shocking someone, thinking they will get turned on or at least shocked and disgusted, which would arouse him as well. The guy needs help. His paraphilia has destroyed his life and his career.
Totally agree. Your explanations and interpretations make the most sense of anything I've read here.

BTW ferret, I didn't mean anything regarding prudishness, but rather the hysteria about child predators. It's a serious problem that causes real damage, so I don't mean to downplay it in any way. But the laws and database have crossed the line into draconian- destroying people's lives because of 20 year olds having sex with 16 year olds, etc, or an underage person sending a pic of herself to another underage person and then being charged with child porn possession, etc. That's all I meant- while it's clear he has a serious problem (which I think you've described perfectly), I don't think people should jump to the conclusion that his child is in any danger or that he has any sexual interest in his child, etc. But probably I've gone off on an irrelevant tangent- just responding to the person above who said that basically a judge would find sexting with a child in the room an act of neglect even if the child were not in the pic which seems an example of the sort of hysteria I'm describing.
I don't think he has an illness.

He's just dumb and impulsive and reckless. A half century ago they might have talked about him having a midlife crisis. Maybe he wanted attention. Maybe he gets off on the risk-taking.

It doesn't matter. These are banal failings. Petty little foibles of a marginally public figure. His wife should divorce him, but that's their business, not mine.
@63. This is little bit more than passing moral judgment on Weiner... Yes, he is dumb and impulsive, but I think given his self destructive action, this is more of a serious compulsion than a conscious decision.

What Weiner most likely has is a serious medical condition, he should be treated and looked at his problem as a medical issue. It could be labeled as a mental illness. Exhibitionists have a very high recidivism rate. Much like Pedophilia, it can be treated, but it isn't curable.

As much as Weiner's photo of his crotch with his child nearby, is disturbing, his sending unsolicited photos of his crotch and body to young women on Twitter and other avenues is just as much as disturbing. Weiner is not having a mid life crisis, Weiner has a serious problem in relating to people. As I mentioned he probably has something that falls into the Courtship disorder. He has difficulty relating to people. He either gets arousal from the shock people get with his photos, or believes his arousal is reciprocated when he sends unsolicited photos or photos with his son and his crotch in them..

Weiner wrecked his career because of his exhibitionism, any little chance he had for his race for the mayor of New York was lost with his other texting/sexting episode. He pretty much wreck his marriage because of his paraphilia. This isn't about being a dumbass, but signs of a pretty serious mental health issue..
If this man has some sort of mental disease, then a great percentage of the male population is also suffering from it. Sending pictures of an erection to women, usually naked ones, seems to be very very prevalent.
The nastiness here is taking a picture that has his child in it. And that he was a public figure, brought down again by this deluded notion that such pictures are arousing.
65 the only problem with your prudish logic on dix pix is that many people (men and women) enjoy it.
No one said anything about enjoying dick pics or not. We are discussing unsolicited dick pics. Enjoying sending or receiving them in some contexts has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that it's harassment and inappropriate to send them to people who have expressed no interest whatsoever in your junk.

I like to look at plenty of dicks. There are many many many more that I hope to never see- especially the dicks of dudes I do not find attractive, that are too young/old or in some taboo relationship, that are coworkers, etc. There is nothing at all prudish about my expectations that people keep their genitalia to themselves unless I have expressed an interest in said genitalia.

As for the prevalence, I dunno. It's pretty common on sites where anonymity is possible and where the content is already either sexual or about dating. Probably here we are dealing with men who have a compulsion to expose themselves to people who haven't expressed interest, and probably some of those people might enjoy receiving them. It's still inappropriate to do it without consent and it's still a compulsion or a sense of entitlement, but that's a lot different than someone who repeatedly sends pics of his dick unsolicited to women who know who he is in real life despite the risk it poses to his career and family plus the potential for nation-wide public humiliation. That's definitely mental illness, and it's different than sending shots of your dick to women you meet on a dating site- which can be gross or not depending on the context. But is it prevalent to send dick pics unsolicited to coworkers or mutual friends who have expressed no interest in you? Somehow I doubt it, but maybe I'm being naive.
@62: I don't think this is an issue of child predators, this is an issue with boundaries. He attaches himself to women who don't want him back and sends photos inappropriate for his social relationship to them (evidenced by multiple women leaking these to the media. He can't have been close to many of the people he broadcasts these photos to. Probably sent it to multiple at once.) He lacks boundaries with his wife, whether this was approved or not he's caused her so much humiliation. He's lacked the boundary between the privacy of his fucking son and eroiticism.

Jesus Christ, a parent can be sexy but that he would try to shoehorn his kid into his conquests is just unthinkable.

It's like... yes some people use a dog to pick up women. That doesn't mean that you take a picture of your dick and start talking about the dog in the background.

~head explodes~
@66: The women who sent this to the press didn't like him or it, douchebag.
The problem is that these guys shotgun-blast pictures of their dick to women who may want to see it... and many many more who don't want to see it.
@65 "If this man has some sort of mental disease, then a great percentage of the male population is also suffering from it."

No. I am far from condoning unsolicited dick pics, but there are different circumstances in some of the dick pics sent, mainly by younger males looking for a hook up, than what Anthony Weiner had done. I feel there is a difference, even if they are all revolting..

If a male sends a dick pick and gets punishment like losing his job, jeopardizing his marriage, and continues to do this plus makes them more shocking, there is something besides lusts that is fueling this behavior..

We are getting a new generation that has grown up online their entire lives. I think the similarities of those males who sent unsolicited dick pics and Anthony Weiner's actions, both have serious issues in how they interact with others, especially with women. What separates Weiner from many dick pic takers, is that Weiner continues his self destructive behavior, even though he knows it is self destructive.

I highly doubt this recent episode of Weiner's sexting is his only incidence. He probably has numerous sexting partners. The guy cannot control himself even though he knew it could destroy his marriage and any of his media gigs..

Not all the males who do dick pics have a highly probably mental illness as Anthony Weiner. They would if they continue the same pattern as Weiner, if continue sending unsolicited dick pics,even losing their job, getting criminal prosecuted, having trouble maintaining relationships. I do think majority of idiots who send unsolicited dick pics to women can change their behavior, those who cannot probably have the same paraphilia that Weiner most likely has been diagnosed to be suffering from..
@66. Prudish logic? HaHaHa. From reading what a lot of women say, er no, these pictures are not really welcome if they arrive unsolicited.

I thought this is pretty good article on the phenomenon/sexual harassment on line issue..
@69 if your read the whole exchange with this woman, it appears she didn't mind the pic's and the romantic verses that AW supplied. She kept going back and forth with him - maybe she liked it or maybe she knew she could cash in on it with the Post. And it wasn't actually a true dick pic. More of a pig-in-a-blanket shot. B
@69. They corresponded for well over a year. According to the post, 'she sent him a shot of herself wearing a pair of black tights with a rip in the rear, near the midline, along with the message, “Buns of steel.”

I would say that she liked him a little bit at least. And AW has made a lot of bad decisions but I don't he was blasting out his schwanza to the masses. It was to people who he thought would 'like' it and he thought were flirting back and forth.

Interesting article Ferret. How can a man think a picture of his erection sent unasked for, will in any way endear him to the majority of women?
Interesting the writer equates this behaviour with the trench coat guy who flashed females in doorways or alleys.
I don't think that anyone here was denying that the exchange was mutual or consensual. Nor was anyone denying that plenty of people like to swap sexy pics with people. The conversation to which you responded was specifically about the phenomenon of sending unsolicited dick pics- something that Weiner has, in fact, been guilty of in the past.
He is a Democratic, currently marred to the 2nd most important Person (Potentially) in the world. Clearly, Huma makes good decisions.
@77: They can't have been too into him if the pics keep getting leaked (repeatedly and by many separate women) to the media.
Dan, I'm really surprised that you of all people don't see the difference here between Weiner and what happened to Jones and Lawrence. You have repeatedly advised people that when they send sexually explicit photos and videos to strangers, they should consider those photos are as good as being public -- that someone is lucky if the pics don't end up on Tumblr or Xtube. Not that you've said it isn't a shitty thing to do, but you have warned that you give up a reasonable expectation of privacy when you put your pics and vids "out there."

Jones and Lawrence had their accounts hacked. They had every reason to expect privacy in what they locked up in their accounts. They did not voluntarily expose themselves. What happened to them could be compared to rape -- it was an absolute violation, not just of privacy, but a violation of their bodies and spirits. You have never told a victim of sexual assault that they "give up an expectation of not being attacked" whenever they go out on a date -- the opposite of what you warn those who are thinking of sharing nude photos with strangers.

Jones and Lawrence took all reasonable precautions to protect their privacy -- they "locked their doors" and did nothing to invite their attackers to break through those locks. Using that analogy, you could say that Weiner left his doors unlocked, but it's worse than that -- he went over to the violator's "house" and dropped off those photos. That's the definition of the "send" button, you're sending something, not being broken into. Nobody stole those pics from him, the way Jones and Lawrence had their privacy stolen from them.

I'm not defending what Weiner had done to him. You can argue that whoever leaked those photos is a douchebag and engaged in unethical behavior. But the equivalency is false. There is an element of consent in Weiner's case. To draw a comparison between these cases implies that Lawrence and Jones were partially responsible for their attacks -- that they exercised poor judgement for having a website or an iCloud account. The comparison is offensive, because Weiner had a reasonable expectation of violation, whereas Jones and Lawrence had a reasonable expectation of privacy. The women were attacked, Weiner not so much.
I agree with Mr Lash. It seems that nobody learns from history, even while it's actually happening. Who knows what the price will be this time?
Meh, I must be a garbage person because I think the whole Weiner thing is pretty funny.

Sure, I'll buy that he's a victim as well but I'll let him decide to go after the media. Who knows maybe like Hulk Hogan he'll win big and shut down another trash site?
@ 82 - So, what's YOUR excuse for being such a bitter shrew?
@84: They're the pathetic scum that's some other woman's problem (from afar, obviously nobody's touching him.)
@39- So why did Rush have that Viagra (in a bottle with someone else's name on it) in his bag while coming back from the Dominican Republic (a place known for underage sex trafficking)?…
@86: IOKIYAR (It's ok if you're a Republican.)

Up to and including sex with children, apparently.
The worst part of this story is that the kid will one day see that picture.
Huma must have been physically ill when she saw that.