Artwork from the group Wwwayward, stuck on a Capitol Hill dumpster on 12th Avenue.
Artwork from the group Wwwayward, stuck on a Capitol Hill dumpster on 12th Avenue. Ansel Herz

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By posting this, partisans will accuse me of aiding and abetting Donald Trump. Search this post for pro-Trump statements. You will not find any. This is a post to remind progressives that Hillary Clinton—the leading candidate to become the commander of an obscene military arsenal—is more hawkish than Barack Obama (the guy with a kill list), to the point where she has aligned herself with a roster of prominent Bush-affiliated conservatives and neocons.

The implications of her foreign policy posture for millions of poor and brown people, including women, around the world are not positive. Their lives matter.

It's possible to hold two ideas simultaneously: 1) Trump is a quasi-fascist, he represents an existential threat to women and minorities, and he must be defeated. 2) It's deeply troubling that Clinton, who is lightyears better than Trump on domestic policy, embraces war criminals instead of repudiating them.

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The group responsible for the sticker, Wwwayrard, trolled Trump supporters into buying Voldemort posters bearing Trump's visage in June, then donated the proceeds an LGBTQ Latino group fighting Obama's deportation regime. Its editor, Yeni Sleidi, criticized that naked Trump statue which attracted so much attention as "trite and transphobic."

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