New Poll Shows Pramila Jayapal Leading Brady Walkinshaw in Congressional Race


It's a little odd that she does not live in the 7th District. Seems like one should live/work amongst us to represent us.
These polls include 'positive' and 'negative' messages that get tested on potential voters. The Jayapal campaign almost certainly reported their best 'post-messaging' number here, and the fact that they didn't get above 50% even after saying nice things about Jayapal is a bit surprising, and suggests that the race could still be won by either candidate. In any case, writing this many words on a leaked poll does showcase Stranger bias. I agree that Jayapal has 'built her campaign around her reputation as a firebrand progressive,' because she has no actual results to build a campaign around. She has accomplished next to nothing as a lawmaker in Olympia, she has skipped tons of votes, but none of that has been reported here. I would much rather see Heidi Groover dig into the candidates' records rather than repackage spin from the Jayapal campaign.
Go Brady!
so, they have enough money.
Main thing is that you vote
Three strikes against Brady: (1) His early endorsement by obnoxious #Neoliberals Ed Murray and Barney Frank, who hit up their political cronies for donations to Brady's campaign, (2) His non-starting vow to "work across the aisle," which, if allowed to pay out, would work just as well for him as it has for Obama, and (3) His unabashed endorsement of Hillary in a city that overwhelming voted for Bernie instead of Hillary in the Caucasus. After the election maybe he can get a job at the Sightline Institute.
@1 Columbia City was redistricted from 7th to 9th in 2012.
@7, so not living in the district wasn't a surprise to her.
@6, you're wrong on all counts. 1) Brady has lots of endorsements, you chose two that fit your narrative. 2) he has proven himself with working across the aisle in the state house, which is at least as polarized as the US congress. In Brady's case, "working across the aisle" does not mean moderate; he is at least as progressive as Jayapal. 3) HE CAUCUSED FOR BERNIE (you don't know what you're talking about!!!)
If that's the poll she chose to share, it's certainly the best one of the bunch for her. And why is the poll coming out now that it's coming up on a month old?
@1: She does, Brady.
Both Brady and Pramila have shown an ability to "work across the aisle", but that's a thousand times easier when you work in a State House run by Democrats as Brady does. Pramila has managed to get results even though she serves in a State Senate that's controlled by Republicans. Brady's a good kid, but Pramila has been standing up for the people of Seattle for the 25 years that she's lived here. I'll be proudly casting my vote for her in November.
I just can't shake this uneasy feeling caused by the sudden appearance of "PiƱero" on his campaign signs. It just registers as clumsy pandering to me, especially since it isn't used anywhere else in his official materials that I can find. Something about it just feels too "politician." And yeah yeah I know...he's got every right to use his full name. So where has that full name been forever?
I wish Pramila's abominable attendance during legislative voting were questioned more closely. Along with some light shed on her annual salary of ~$175,000 for nearly ten years when she directed the nonprofit immigration advocacy group OneAmerica-- in comparison to the 25 staff members median salary of $26,000. That salary represents about 10% percentage of the organization's total annual budget.
Jayapal is winning because Bernie and Bros are pumping big money into her campaign. It's just that simple. We'll see how much she gets done when Trump wins because everyone just had to cast their sanctimonious "protest vote".