The first gubernatorial debate is the same night as the first presidential debate? Lame.
Is it really "operator error" when the street design is so shitty? Shoving a bike lane between streetcar tracks and parked cars, allowing for little buffer room between obstacles, is an accident waiting to happen.
@2 the bike lane is not between street car tracks.
Info Wars certainly is the SJW of the right.
@3: I know it's not. It's between the streetcar tracks and parked cars.
Info Wars = Idiot
Hillary and Donald are complete idiots as well.

Looks like, despite tightening polls, there is no way for an electoral victory for Trump. Hence patriots in solid blue states now have the blessing to vote for Gary, Jill, Evan, or whomever they please. This won't have an effect this election, but it will help third parties in elections to come. It's time to send both the Democrats and Republicans into the ash heap of history.
@8, No, Trump is an idiot. As are you with your thinly veiled concern trolling telling others to throw their vote instead of supporting the qualified candidate.
>Vancouver-Area Candidate Could Be First Trans Member of Washington Legislature

So you're endorsing her then right? That seems to be the new bar for you guys.
@8 Trump is an idiot, Clinton's just a criminal, she clearly knows what's she is doing.
@2: everyone needs space within a limited right of way. so there are compromises.
@9: There's no reason to be so cynical. I'm not being coy or telling folks how to vote. Quite the contrary. The most practical and meaningful outcome of this miserable election is for Hillary to win the electoral, but not the popular vote. That will lay the groundwork for both parties to metamorphosize themselves or for other parties to take hold in 2020.
@14 Classic concern-trolling. We (Democrats) do not want or need your help. Do whatever you want to the GOP.
A twenty year old is running for the legislature? Is this normal? I'm remembering what my friends and I were like at 20. YIKES!!
@11, Trump is both an idiot and criminal, while Hillary Clinton is neither despite the constant ranting of the right wing extremists.
Trump is currently under investigation for running a fraudulent university, bribing the attorney general of Florida, and has been found guilty of housing discrimination, failure to pay contractors, and a host of other business as usual crimes.
@14 The stupidity hurts. What makes you think the nastier parts of Trump's support (the racists, xenophobes, white nationalists... ) will quietly slink back to the darker corners of the internet if their preferred candidate wins the popular vote, but losing the Electoral College? They won't. They will cry the election was stolen from them and their candidate by all the people they despise. And you know who will be the biggest and loudest advocate of that position, Trump himself.

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