After Judge Denies Tribe's Request, Obama Administration Pauses Construction on Dakota Access Pipeline


Explanation here: money
Moments after the ruling, however, the Corps told the company to stop construction on one part of the project. Much confusion.
@2 I wouldn't be surprised if he stood to gain. This country bleeds oil so the decision didn't come as a shock to me. Interesting note, the judge was nominated by the Obama administration and received another appointment from Justice Roberts.
The pipeline as a whole will continue construction. It's just around the lake that a "hold" is somewhat in place.

20 miles from the lake work will continue. As it should. The Govt. had to give the Tribes something so they don't lose face. But in the end, we all know how it will end. This pipeline was not approved by the Obama Admin for nothing. They approved it because they want it built too. Remember that.
@3 Ouch, my cynicism!