How the Homeless Sweeps Fail: A Homeless Man Camping Near the Freeway is Dead


Here's another idea: don't drink and drive.

Indeed. I see a lot more criticism of the campers for being there than of the driver who ran off the road.
The sweeps didn't kill him, a drunk driver did. And unfortunately, if anything this serves to argue for more sweeps in such places, not less.
@1. he may have been drunk, but he probably fell asleep. looks like he just kept going where the 50th ramp bears right.

this was on WSDOT land - does the proposed law even cover this area? and 48 hours to clear out if it's immanent danger? that seems pretty casual.
Fewer kids with 'rapper' as career ambition might solve much of the homeless population over night. Not saying don't follow your dreams. Just saying don't expect 'rapping' to pay your bills and then complain that housing costs money.
Everyone is calling the victim homeless. He wasn't. He was a sex predator avoiding discovery.
@6) If true, how do we know this?
@6, @7

Even if it isn't true in this case, It's certainly true that there are some homeless people out there who might otherwise have housing if they weren't registered sex offenders.

But that hardly means they deserve to be killed, does it?