The Morning News: Driver Kills Teenager Sleeping on I-5, Trump Supporters Harass Local Muslim Woman


The Stranger is also getting sued.…

John C Giles is deplorable.
The young man, here labeled as homeless, was actually a sex predator hiding out. As a sex predator he was required to report his location but was not. Not nearly the innocent you would lead us to believe he was.
From King 5 News...
“He was a street kid out here at the University District, just like most of us are, but at heart he’s a good kid,” Fisher said.

"According to King Co. records, Burton was a registered sex offender who was not complying with offender requirements. Records show he also spent time in jail last year following convictions on three counts of voyeurism."
Oh, well, just fuck 'im, then. Troubled 19-year-olds with peeping Tom issues don't deserve to live. What was he thinking, trying to take up that cush pad UNDER THE FREEWAY.
While I'm sure I'll be called insensitive, anti-homeless, or a Republican....the land directly adjacent freeways is inherently dangerous. That's why, despite being "greenbelts", they're never used for parks. While the driver was certainly negligent (possibly even criminally so), the victim also has some responsibility here.
@2 yea, its covered in the article you're commenting on.

How long were you sitting around hitting refresh, thinkiing you'd make a clever comment?
The lawsuit against the Stranger is really bizarre. Everything about it. Even more bizarre that everybody there is so tight lipped about it. Even my inside source who are usually fairly eager to dish.

Clearly somebody at The Stranger really fucked up and then tried to cover their tracks thinking any possible litigation would be covered by the boilerplate.

I was wondering why after so many years Kelly-O made such a hasty exit from The Stranger. I know they had to get rid of the older more expensive employees and bring in younger cheaper "writers" in order to stay hip and of course to keep Keck and Savage in the lifestyles to which they've become accustomed. But Kelly-O, as flawed as she was, was a real fixture and face of the paper. Getting rid of her so suddenly without comment and all this content scrubbing they've been doing on the heels of a lawsuits doesn't look good. I'm wondering if The Stranger is in much worse financial shape than we knew.
@8 That blurb wasn't there earlier. Either that or my reading comprehension is taking a serious hit in old age.
@11 I'd agree with your lack of reading comprehension.
@5 @6 @7 Why are we even talking about the (lightweight) criminal record of the victim? Why hasn't there been any follow up on who the killer driver is? Was he/she charged? Was he/she tested for alcohol? What about his/her driving record? WTF, Seattle. If this had been an African-American driver who killed a White teen-ager in an unexplained accident by the side of a busy road -- and fled the scene -- the follow-ups would be nonstop, severe, and bordering on a media lynch mob. But in this case there is silence? Why? My hunch is the killer-driver must be well connected.
When Gawker got killed for posting sexual images of people without their consent, part of it was because one of their editors took the stand in court and stated he would post child porn if he thought it had news value.

So I would advise against that, at least.
But isn't it kind of a known thing that it can be really difficult to find places to live due to the restrictions placed on them by being on the registry, as far as how close to schools and playgrounds they can live? I mean, yeah, yeah, don't sexually offend, don't be placed on the registry, and sleep where you want. But there are still people in this position.
You ever try to sleep in a park or a doorway at night? The cops kick you out and send you to sleep near the highway. Did you think all those people were sleeping there because they like the thrill of sleeping on the side of a road?
@13 According to KIRO, the driver was arrested and smelled of alcohol and other substances. He was taken to Harborview for substance testing with a blood draw.

KIRO did not disclose his name, which seems very odd.
Deplorable is as deplorable does. Hillary campaign should print this on t-shirts.
If I had to sleep under a freeway, I'd probably smell pretty strongly of alcohol and whatever substances I could get my hands on.
Oh, shoot. I misunderstood that comment, @18. OK, time to get back to work instead of riding my high horse all nimbly bimbly over this comments section.
@5: Any legal transgressions of the deceased have no bearing on the guilt or innocence of the defendant.
@13 If you follow the link in the Slog article it takes you to a Seattle Times article that says this about the driver;

"Johnson identified the driver as Oscar Gutierrez de Jesus, 33. He was previously arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in December 2007, and he was eventually convicted of negligent driving, according to court records."
@17 @20 -- Thanks. That's the right focus -- on the driver -- not victim's past.
Oh, I love it. Do we feel bad for him because he's homeless or dig up al the dirt we can on him because hes a sexual predator? Tough choice. At least we did him a favor and let him camp outside instead of sending him to a shelter.
Deborah Juarez is in that photo?