The U.S. News College Rankings Are Out: Washington Has Five of the Top 20 Universities in the West


Here is the entire list from U.S. News & World Report.
@1 Ack! Thought that I had linked to it in the article. It's in now!
Er, this post needs another editing pass.

None of the WA schools you list are included in the top 20 Regional Colleges West list, they are on the Regional Universities list. The definition you quote is for Regional Universities, not for Regional Colleges.

There is only one WA school in the Regional Colleges West top 20, Trinity Lutheran in Everett at #16.
And you'll need to get your editor to re-write that rather misleading headline, too.

All of these lists combine state and private schools, there are no separate rankings for state schools.

Of the WA schools ranked in the top 20 on either the Regional Colleges West or the Regional Universities West list, only Western Washington University is a state school.
If nothing else, the US News rankings are an indictment of Washington state's public universities. The UC system absolutely crushes anything Washington has to offer.

California has five times the population of WA, and its state universities have been in well-documented decline since prop 13. Find a better comparison.

6 of the top 10 public universities in the US News rankings are UC schools. UW is #16. Even with 1/5th of the population, you'd think Washington state could compete with at least the 6th best school in California.
Evergreen would have made the list but the three page narrative review was too long to print
I am a California resident, and I can tell you that every one of the hundreds of California residents currently enrolled at UW chose it over 6 to 8 UCs.
Wait, Western is behind SU, PLU, and fucking Whitworth? In SPOKANE? I guess they beat Central at least.
UW graduate schools are better than undergraduate schools so these US News rankings are not very informative. UW has been the #1 or #2 school in the country in getting the most research money for several decades; the Earth Sciences program is ranked #3 globally; Nursing was #1 in the country (might still be, I haven't kept up); Genetics, Biochem & Physics together had four Nobel Prize winners while my sibs and I were there. So it depends on what you want to do. If you live here, it's a great deal for an undergrad degree.
Beware, I was told that if you do all your undergrad, graduate and postdoc work here, they won't hire you as professor (in the "hard" sciences, I don't know about the others). So if you go here as an undergrad, and want to eventually teach here on the tenure track, get your graduate/postdoc fellowships at another school.
There is no rational way to reduce university rankings down to a single scalar metric.

Tulane ahead of UW. Yeah, okay. This list is about the only reason left anyone pays attention to U.S. New & World Report, and while it still makes news when it is published, it still does not convince me that ranking universities as single entity is even credible. Without a more granular approach (as in ranking individual departments or degree programs) this is barely even worth the scroll.