North Dakota Police Arrest Seattle Activist, 21 Others, at Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Site


Cell signals are being blocked once again, and we have had a report of shots fired, which has not been substantiated yet. At least one person is on their way to the site to find out if shots have been fired, but may be hindered by many roadblocks. Cops at roadblocks are stopping cars with Native people, threatening them with arrest, etc. The people who have chained themselves to equipment are blocked from being given water.
Is there a go fund me page for helping to pay these people's legal fees yet? Because I'd definitely do that. I admire them so much for putting themselves out there in ways I cannot & I would love to be able to support them in this fight
This is a weird one, because NPR was reporting on ATC today that there's already one pipeline (for natural gas) running the exact same route, laid during the 1980's.
Perhaps journalists should go back.
Perhaps the Seattle City Council can write a more vigorously worded protest?
@3 all kinds of shit gets reported. I've seen it reported that Indians are not allowed to vote and this project is on Indian reservation land against their will. I've also seen it reported that they were never informed of the project but I also saw it reported that the Corps of Engineers held a public meeting on the reservation about the project. So I guess its whatever makes your side look good.
support the camps at: &