Hillary Clinton Is Medically Fit To Be President, Doctor Says


hypothyroidism = "low energy". get ready for that line of attack.

trump would make hay of whatever the doctor said, regardless.
Please tell me this was tongue-in-cheek...
"Unlike the rest of the country, Clinton has been able to maintain a normal blood pressure throughout the election process."

Proof she's a lizard person.

I wish the waist-to-height ratios were given for the four most visible candidates. Height and weight, even BMI, aren't as revealing about a person's health as is a waist-to-height ratio.
@5: Trump just gave Dr. Oz a 1-page report (from Dr. Bornstein) on his recent physical. He is 6' 3", and he weighs 267. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN POUNDS.

that's a BMI of 33.4. He is obese. And he's 70.

not your desired W/Ht ratio, sorry.
Political hack goes to medical quack to defend against media attack?

And if Trump is 6'3", I'm the queen of England.
@6: Wow...I'm an inch taller than him and 30 pounds lighter, and I could still stand to lose ten or twenty pounds.
The Donald shouldn't eat so much fast food.
"struggles"? ... I know you're one of the good guys, but even you succumbed to the media narrative.
@8: You should be the Queen of England because you are just the right person to put that cheap trollop Camilla Parker Bowles and that milk-toast Chucky Boy in their places!
David Axelrod couldn't be more right.