The average salary of a Seattle computer programmer is $120,000 a year.
The average salary of a Seattle computer programmer is $120,000 a year. CHARLES MUDEDE

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Did you see data guy Gene Balk's piece in today's Seattle Times?

If your household earns less than $80,000 per year, you’re now in the minority in Seattle.

That stunning news came to light in data released Thursday by the Census Bureau. It shows that in 2015, Seattle’s median household income broke the $80,000 mark.

How? By jumping nearly $10,000 in just one year.

That’s the biggest increase among the 50 most-populous U.S. cities — and it wasn’t even close. No. 2 San Francisco’s jump lags behind us by more than $2,000.

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But not everyone is benefitting from that massive growth in income. Balk reports that median household earnings remain at just $49,000 for Hispanics and $37,000 for black households.

Balk attributes the jump to new high-paying tech jobs and the fact that higher living costs are pushing low-income people out of Seattle. Go read his full piece here.

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