I'm a Millennial Who Plans to Vote for Clinton, But Her Appeal to Millennials Is Hard to Watch


If this is how she's going to talk for an entire presidency, I'm going to have to stick to transcripts. I haven't heard an adult speak like that since school-wide scoldings for prank fire alarm pulls.
I have an easy solution for her: come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. That would help immensely with younger voters and help gain back some of those voters leaning libertarian. It's also the right thing to do from a social justice standpoint, and is a prime example of her still being a step behind on modern progressive issues. Doing that also wouldn't force her to come out against her lucrative Wall St. and defense donors - everybody wins (except for drug enforcement & jails).
I'm not worried about the Youngs voting for Hillary...it's the Olds who are propping the Donald up. Maybe if we talk to them very condescending like they too might vote more for Hillary
@3: presidents lead from behind.

she won't help, but she also won't stand in the way of legalization. she'll acquiesce to it once it becomes inevitable.

this is the way things actually get done in DC.
@5 I seem to recall Obama being out in front a good bit, and it helped him get elected (even if he didn't follow through - see Guatanamo, drone strikes, transparency, lobbyist reform).

Nothing gets done in DC if you don't win your election. If she wants to improve her support with millennials, she needs to find a way to win them over - clearly the current approach is not working, she needs to do something else, and it needs to be significant.
@6: he didn't lead on the gay marriages.
You know who else's is hard to watch? Obama. He makes constant fucking dad jokes and wears terrible clothes.

If there was only something different about the two that could be clouding your fucking reasoning you misogynist piece of shit
Almost 5 in 6 of those under 25 will not bother to vote in November, so it is largely pointless working for their vote anyway. But not entirely; in a close election millennials might play a role and that means they may have some relevance after all.
@7 He also didn't do anything about gay marriages. I think, at most, he told the DoJ to step down from defending DOMA. It's easy to be progressive when all you have to do is name drop a couple of times in a handful of speeches.
@8 Obama was never this condescending. His natural timbre is that of a Baptist Preacher and he frequently exudes charisma at every turn. Even when he tells dad jokes, they feel natural and off the cuff.

Compare his "Unemployment is down, wages are up. Gas prices are lower too! Thanks, Obama!" to Hillary's "ideas not insults" section. Obama had a natural build and then hammered it home with a seemingly off the cuff reference to a reclaimed internet meme. Hillary used a quiet, monotonous tone meant to be warm and comforting but had all the charisma of a kindergarten teacher reading Dr. Seuss at nap time.

Her base doesn't have problems with her being ambitious, driven, hard, or even "shrill." Her overcompensation from hard-ass politician (her LGBT fundraiser Basket of Deplorables speech was offensive but nicely delivered) to mom of the nation without changing much of her message is off putting at best.

Off topic: my favorite part is seeing the hunky guy to the left (her right) struggle with figuring out when and where to clap. "Reducing gun violence? Uh..."
@12 The bored, disaffected, jaded girl behind the CSPAN logo is pretty great too. "Yeah I'll clap. There. I clapped. Bleh."
>by adopting the voice of a librarian during story time and telling the students what they think and feel.

Oh fuck off with that. You know why Hillary has started speaking like that? Because everyone called her a screechy hag when she spoke too loudly. Amazing how you can talk about the sexist double standards women face while leading your article with one.

The reason millennials don't like Hillary is simple. They thing she's a nagging old bitch. She's mainstream. Most importantly, she's not cool. If there's one thing millennials care about; more than the economy, or education, or their lack of job prospects, it's being cool. Hillary is Bud Light, Bernie is a microbrew. Bernie can stand in front of crowds and spew a bunch of empty promises about "breaking up the banks" (how? why?) and young folks eat it up because he's a hip outside the mainstream politician who exudes "authenticity".

How do I know it's not about any actual policies or issues facing young people? Simple. Hillary Clinton, when it comes to "hawkishness", "closeness to wall street", you name it, is within a dick width of Obama, yet we don't hear these vague complaints about him. A good portion of Bernie supporters are now supporting Gary freaking Johnson, who shares absolutely nothing with Bernie Sanders ideologically. Johnson wants to abolish half the fucking government, which would be terrible for young people and awesome for Wall Street. So clearly, for that group at least, this is not about Hillary's "failure to speak to their concerns"

No. Millennials hate Hillary for the same reason everyone else does: She's not cool. She's mainstream. Consumer culture has come to dominate politics like it dominates everything else, and a vote is now a statement of personal style rather than a decision about who should lead the nation. Read Anna Gunn's op-ed in the NyTimes about the absolute vitriol she faced for being the actress who portrayed Skylar White on Breaking Bad:


“The consensus among the haters was clear: Skyler was a ball-and-chain, a drag, a shrew, an “annoying bitch wife.”

"Could it be that they can’t stand a woman who won’t suffer silently or “stand by her man”? That they despise her because she won’t back down or give up?"

"One such post read: “Could somebody tell me where I can find Anna Gunn so I can kill her?” Besides being frightened (and taking steps to ensure my safety), I was also astonished: how had disliking a character spiraled into homicidal rage at the actress playing her?"

"I finally realized that most people’s hatred of Skyler had little to do with me and a lot to do with their own perception of women and wives. Because Skyler didn’t conform to a comfortable ideal of the archetypical female, she had become a kind of Rorschach test for society, a measure of our attitudes toward gender."

Sound familiar? Hillary is Skylar White. Totally not cool. Voting is a statement about me. Everything is about me. Why would I want to associate myself with that?
@11: that's what I meant about leading from behind. he didn't stand in the way, and bowed to inevitability.
@14 One big thing still hanging on Hillary like a dead turkey is her vote for the Iraq War. Of all the presidential candidates, she's the only one who voted for the thing. John Kerry also voted for it, and was a primary reason he lost in 2004. Obama spoke out against the resolution in 2002, but was not yet a senator. Presumably, he would have voted against it.

Another dead turkey is her rallying for NAFTA. Between that and her support of almost every other free trade agreement (yes yes CAFTA is the exception), Hillary is seen as disingenuous in her opposition to TPP and TTIP. Similarly, Obama is under fire for writing it, supporting it, and proudly announcing his plan to pass it on the lame duck session.

Her opposition to single payer health care and legalizing marijuana are more dead turkeys that the country has started to embrace in the past decade.

Her platform is built of cowardly half step bandaids that will never flourish into full step policy change, and will end up becoming more turns of the screw.

Some may be sexist and oppose her due to vagina. Others have genuine beefs that make her hard to support even in the face of an Orange menace.
@14: yes yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes.
@16 I think millennials want the President to set the tone and crack the whip on his party. Not name drop and get rewarded for mentioning an issue without backing that up with legislation.
"Sound familiar? Hillary is Skylar White."

Brilliant and very true.

You're so right it's entitled petulance mixed with the cult of cool then disguised as principle.
The people who claim millennials who dislike Hillary never criticize Obama are, universally, old people who do not actually interact with millennials in terms of political discussion and regurgitate a bunch of memes they heard from BNR articles and Medium thinkpieces.
Brilliantly, going cross-eyed earlier today was easily her best shot at luring in the coveted Millennial vote.
@21 I'm under 30 bruh. But don't take my word for it, look at the massive vote margins he received from young ppl
Hillary's being hit with misogyny by admitted misogynists (Republicans) and covert misogynists (millennials). Think about who you'll get if you keep flinging public mud at her.
You just said misogyny three times in two sentences. I think I need a safe space.
Oh and by the way, I'm basing this opinion off of conversations with my friends, who literally refer to Hillary as "the old hag".
Sounds like you have excellent taste in friends, "bruh."
I'm someone who's followed politics all my life. I was excited about Obama in '08 (the year I graduated college) and I bought into the idea that the right president could change the course of the nation. Eight years of partisan Republican scorched earth warfare has disabused me of that notion. The president is one part of the equation. Without controlling congress, as Obama did for about 30 seconds in 2008, the president is not really able to enact far reaching changes. He or she is able to carry out foreign policy, influence the way certain laws are interpreted via executive orders, and appoint supreme court justices. That's it. Given that congress is controlled by Republicans, it doesnt really matter whether we elect Hillary Clinton or the reincarnation of Karl Marx. You want change? How about you vote in the fucking midterms you dumb cunts.

The fact that so many of my fellow young people can't see this is frustrating to me, and I can't help but think it's because they don't really understand how American government works or what the role of the president is.
Alright no more essays from me
The fact that so many of my fellow young people can't see this is frustrating to me, and I can't help but think it's because they don't really understand how American government works or what the role of the president is.

For what it's worth, that's in no way unique to young people.
@14: Word.
@21: And I'm 24. Check your privilege.
you mental midgets who keep trying to shout down any criticism as "misogyny" only serve to make your worldview look even more ridiculous
@14 Hillary is not Skylar White. The latter character managed to stay true to her character, the former I have no idea what her actual character is.

People don't dislike Hillary because [insert easy-to-dismiss PC-fodder strawman exaggerations]. Pickup truck morons who barely graduated high school are the easiest haters to target, and it's nobody here.

They dislike her because A., she's a Clinton and people have had enough of dynasties in our government, B. nobody trusts her to follow any of Sanders' populist policies, C. have you noticed that a wide majority of the mainstream media tends to peak at "we gotta vote for her because it's fuckin TRUMP!"?

Clinton is a fucking dud and a terrible person by her own design, not everyone's prejudices against her. You can bet that millions would love to have a president Elizabeth Warren over her (shame she did not run). Nobody likes her. People have different reasons and depths for not liking her, but you need to stop acting like all criticisms are inherently baseless and invalid because she's a woman. At the base of it you have no actual argument aside from your assumed characterizations from others.

"It's misogyny, you dumb cunts." Okay.
fuck off, word police
Here is how toxic Hillary is;
Tens of millions of Americans who consider Trump a bafoon and huckster will vote for him, just because he is the only alternative to Clinton.
True, they went through a period, when he first won the GOP nomination, when they couldn't bear the prospect of voting for him and assumed for the first time in their lives they would not vote in a presidential race at all.
But within a few days, and after seeing Hillary on the news a few times, they realized that not voting was a vote for Hillary and realized they could never. go. there.
So while they think the odds are pretty good a Trump presidency could be disastrous they will, with no qualm or hesitation or second-guessing, vote for The Donald.

That is how toxic Hillary is.
30-39 is young these days. I am sick and tired of this 18-30 baloney.