Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City


Stupid stat, Charles. The average 2 BR apartment in Seattle goes for $2200/mo, which means a single person would have to make $87,000 a year to afford renting one. That is well above the average income for Seattle, regardless of race. Which is why very few single people rent two bedroom apartments.
Charles, don't you remember the Battlestar Galactica episode where they visit a "Ronald D. Moore" they look up in the phone book, who turns out to be a retired Black man, and make him sit down and write new episodes of BSG? That was pretty hilarious actually, he was into it.

$87k is below the average household income in Seattle, and only $7k above the median.
@3: Household income is different that per person income, which is what Charles appears to be citing.
One in five of my friends who moved to Portland are POC (read: not black). The people moving there recently tend to be in highly technical professions, an industry that has typically shunned blacks. You know, for "culture fit" problems. Or, like women, "just not as good as white/Asian/Indian males" and "not that it's their fault that they grow up less talented in the ghettos around drug dealers and crack heads and fatherless homes."

Note: I've worked in that industry for over a decade. I'm a white male. I've heard it all. I worked at one company where there was a healthy mix of women, LGBTQ, and POC. Black was still way under represented.

Bleeding Albina [Portland]: A History of Community Disinvestment 1940-2000


Households are the correct measure to consider when discussing, you know, units of housing. But I suppose it's possible that Charles doesn't understand that?

That disparity arises in the education system, not the workplace.

Go get drinks with someone in your company's HR department sometime. You'll find they compete fiercely for black or female programmers/engineers; there isn't some secret flood of underrepresented applicants getting systematically ignored.
Let's look at the foundation of the Northwest with the foundation of the "Oregon Territory"... http://www.ode.state.or.us/opportunities…
What's the cost in human lives because of the centuries-long White-Privilege Imperialist Program???