Hey, at least we're not Venezuela.
I won't be voting for her because I don't live on Capitol Hill. If I did I wouldn't vote for her because she, and many of her colleagues, are far more concerned with national and international political issues that the issues that impact Seattle. If Sawant wants to promote Socialism for the US then she should go do that, but Seattle needs a City Council that is focused on transportation, the police force, livability, and our schools.

Socialism is a great idea, and its concepts need to become a greater part of our national dialogue. But the streets around here are full of giant fucking potholes, the police force is still under a cloud, we have a massive homeless issue, and the schools are only kept from disaster by the diligent work of teachers and parents. The City Council and our Mayor need to spend less time worrying about issues in North Dakota, or campaigning for candidates for President, and more time making Seattle work for the people who live here. If they want to go fix bigger issues then they need to run for different offices.
I'll still support Sawant, too, but Stein is a fucking idiot.
Consider this:

"Jill Stein insists Trump is less dangerous than Clinton – and attacks Bernie Sanders as a DC insider"…

Give it up, Ms. Banks. You lost. Try again next time.
No she doesn't. Jill Stein is a privileged asshole. Charles is examining Alt Left turds
@5 Everybody is a turd this election. You just want them to think your turd is the best turd available.
Ksham couldn't care less about Seattle. She is just using the fools here who support her as a stepping stone to D.C., which fortunately will soon be owned by Trump.
If Trump wins because many on the left voted for a doomed candidate, it will hurt Sawant and the very important socialist movement she helped bring to the mainstream.
concern troll ‎(plural concern trolls) noun. (Internet slang) Someone who posts to an internet forum or newsgroup, claiming to share its goals while deliberately working against those goals, typically, by claiming "concern" about group plans to engage in productive activity, urging members instead to attempt some activity that would damage the group's credibility, or alternatively to give up on group projects entirely.
@8, That statement isn't a concern troll... Charles is saying that a Trump presidency would be worse for socialists. Saying it is a concern troll implies that the current socialist plan is to get trump elected. He is just saying that "live to fight another day" might be a better strategy for socialism at this time. I happen to think that's true. The far right getting power isn't some sort of backwards win for the far left.
In which your correspondent proposes the Democrats get their own mop:

If Trump wins, it won't be because of any number of far left voters, particularly those who were not Democrats to begin with, not voting for the Democrat. It will be for one reason only: because the Democrats picked the worst possible choice among at least dozen serious possibilities for the Democratic nomination.

There has never before been a plausible nominee with a net negative favorability rating. Nobody in history -- except for the dumb as a sack of hammers Republicans of 2016 -- has ever made such a heinous error. Out of a deep bench of possibilities, ranging from stellar to bland, the Democrats bypassed every single one and found the one special, unique candidate who lacked the number one qualification for a nominee: "generally well liked".

Substitute any generic Democrat for HRC and they would be crushing Trump. Any generic Democrat wold be turning Oklahoma, Alaska, and Montana, if not blue, at least purple, when the alternative is a fucking buffoon. A BUFFOON FROM NEW YORK CITY FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Do you really think rock ribbed conservatives and rednecks want to vote for a fucking New York city slicker draft-dodging tax-dodging real estate weeny with a silver spoon in his mouth who is such a pussy he eats pizza with a fork? In Brooklyn? Holy shit. Against any other Democrat, Trump would be losing so bad even he would have to laugh. At himself. For the first time in his pathetic life.

If the Democrats fuck this one up, the blame rests entirely with them. The GOP handed them the easiest victory in modern history, and they turned it into a nail biter. Why? For what? Why did you do this? You guys! Why?

If you HAD to nominate a woman -- and good on you for that! -- you had a lot of women who are kind of liked. More liked than not. Something Hillary can only dream of. I say this as someone who does *actually like her* -- I just hate her policies. Just because I like her doesn't mean I'm a fucking DELUDED IDIOT who doesn't know that the rest of the country Does. Not. Like. Her. Does. Not.

A bunch of lefty Greens and Socialists did not fuck this up for you. Nothing they will do or don't do will fuck it up for you. The Democrats are doing that to themselves. You're still doing it. As we speak, they're fucking themselves over. Now they are demanding -- haughtily demanding! -- that the far, far left "vote strategically" to save their Democrat asses. Don't vote your conscience, vote for the lesser of two evils. Why didn't YOU fucking Democrats vote strategically? Pick somebody who had the best chance of winning, you dumb fucking fucks. Not the one (with 99.999 name recognition, no room to gain any ground! AT ALL!) disliked by more Americans than like her. If you'd put all the names in a hat the odds of picking the one with negative net favorability would have been less than, well, less than Trump's chance of becoming President in any well-run race.

Oh but the Greens and Sawant and the Socialists are a bunch of dummies? THEY need to "grow up"? Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. Go sign up some unregistered voters. Go talk to some undecided independents. You fucking asshole Democrats. You made this mess, fuckers. YOU! Turn off the Internet, Democrats, you've got pavement to pound. Those doors ain't going to knock on themselves. This is your mess, nobody else's.
@10 unfavorable, but qualified. Which is better than likable but unqualified. Please tell me you didn't vote for Dukakis.

@slog You've slanted heavily for Hillary even before her official nomination - she's your Office Candidate. Love you guys, but your trustworthiness on this is shot this election cycle. There's no Republican candidate that you wouldn't make the same argument against. Trump's cartoonishness just makes it easier.
@10 Just let me also point out that I agree Dems missed a unique opportunity in time to push the nation left (after much right-wing dominance, even within its own party) with a better candidate. They instead got bullied by the very-powerful Clinton family. So much influence, so many favors (in the past & going forward). It's pretty hypocritical that Dems rail on corruption when the Clintons have made it their platform to peddle influence. It's all really sad. Now we get 8 years of same old, same old. I'm looking forward to a market crash to awaken the electorate out of our rut, honestly. Because if a Loony Tunes candidate doesn't give Democrats the courage to put up a push-left candidate, then catastrophe is the only correction we have left. Bring on The New Deal Part II!
Hi Charles Mudede,

It's excellent that you support Kshama Sawant and Socialist Alternative.
They're genuine socialist fighters and therefore deserve your unstinting support.

It's your submerging in the lesser-evillist swamp that is unworthy of you.

As a worker, as one of the 99%, it's (a mild form of) mad treason to vote for any capitalist enemy candidate, for any toady of the ruling 0.01%.
Whether it's a Democrat toady such as Hillary Clinton, or a Republican toady such as Trump.
For any public position -- from dog-catcher down to president.

Especially now that a non-capitalist party candidate, Jill Stein, is running.

We must use this splendid opportunity to strike a smashing blow against the ruling capitalist monster's duo-paw duopoly -- its left Democrat paw's claws, and its right Republican paw's claws, which are together rending our throat apart.

That will be a magnificent springboard for building a mass party of the 99% -- over the coming years, with our blood, sweat and tears.
Imagine! -- a huge fighting party of millions upon millions of workers, women and men, black and white, gay and straight, young and old.
Armed with socialist perspectives, programme and leadership, such a party shall conquer!
@7 It's nice to see that someone gets it.

Sawant would sink all of Seattle into the pacific if she thought it would get her a job in DC.
ST - couldn't agree more.
The problem I have with socialists is that they almost always go after Democrats during election campaigns. They pander to the far left liberal who might vote Democrat, so thats what they do, attack Democrats and for the most part, ignore the Republican challenger.

Just look at Gary Johnson, he's almost supportive of Clinton, while always attacking Trump. While Jill Stein, like Trump, praises Putin while relentlessly attacking Clinton all while ignoring Trump. The irony is that a person like Stein knows full well that she is not going to win over Trump voters, so its pointless in attacking Trump, even though she has almost no chance at winning the election, so why is she even running?
She is just as corrupt as any other. Take a look at her mixed up loyalties to SHARE, an organization well known to be corrupt and do NOTHING to support the movement of people from homelessness to housing. They have defrauded the city and tax payers by misappropriating public money. She has supported funding for them because in turn the residents earned points to be able to stay in the encampment if they collected signatures for her. Mr Mudede and the Stranger are just as biased and unable to provide a real journalistic reporting as FOX news is. It's just that this type of bias and propaganda suits their readers.
If Sawant is that stupid, and that corrupt, and isn't even trying to do her job in Seattle, what does that say about the other eight Democrats on the Council, and the Mayor, who are letting her set the agenda? She's only using 10% of her brain in Seattle and that's still enough to run the city?

She must be like Bradley Cooper in Limitless, right? Or Scarlett Johansson in Lucy? If the stuff you guys are saying about her is true, she's got superpowers dudes.

Either that, or you guys need a reality check.
@10 I think that if the Democrats had Jesus Christ as their candidate, they'd still have a similar percentage of the vote. Hillary gives people a lot of easy reasons to say they'll vote for someone else, but people who are supporting Trump would never vote for any Democrat.

And the people who say they'll vote for Stein or Johnson are also voting ideology (or for third-parties so we can have even less consensus and more gridlock) over candidate, because Stein and Johnson are pretty terrible representatives for their parties.
if sawant wants to head to DC, she sure missed her opportunity to run in the 7th. she won't be able to get to jayapal's left.

the only conclusion to draw is that she DOES NOT want to head to DC.

@11: I voted for Dukakis.
I am a liberal progressive Democrat. I previously supported Sawant to move our joint goals forward. But no longer. If Sawant is unable to see the benefit of a coalition, then I have no interest in helping to building the platform on which she attacks my party. And really, on which she attacks progressive values; progressives have to make progress to be progressive. Sawant sits in her City Council Seat with support from a majority of Democrats who elected her. I will make the case that it's now time to remove that support.

The Kshama Sawant Problem:

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