Native Activist and Speaker Gyasi Ross Launches New Podcast to Share Indigenous Perspectives


This is great, although I wish he had chosen a name that doesn't remind people of that crappy, racist and BORING movie!
Yes, Gyasi has made a habit of misogyny, despite taking part in an Indian Law Project aimed at bringing to light the outrageous abuses of Native women. He has also claimed that you shouldn't call yourself Native if you don't live on your reservation (75% of Natives don't live on reservations), and that the mascot issue isn't that big of a deal...until he saw so many fighting it, then he jumped on the bandwagon. I've noticed that quite a bit of his speaking out has to do with promoting himself. His books, his appearances, his podcast. He's also been witnessed treating elders badly, because they've told him their kids/grandkids are just as Native as he is. He seems to have Sherman Alexie's foot-in-mouth disorder, where he's gotta be the most Indian Indian around, and anyone with less blood quantum is a 'wannabe'. He needs to get over his own ego, that is NOT how our people are supposed to behave...but we have learned this trait well.
Gyasi say something misogynistic? No never! Haha.

Try growing up with him...what the public sees is his version of toned-down hyper-toxic masculinity. He really is on his best behavior here.

So much potential, yet held back by his innate prejudice against women.

And YES cattycat, very well observed point.

I got more BQ than the guy and it's so funny to see him slam around the more mixed people. His family is one of the most assimilated around...I think it's his way to compensate for not growing up with much in the way of ancestral teachings, let alone anywhere near his reservation.

There's paper Indians, then there's cultural carriers.

And then there's hypocrites.

A young elder? What is that, must be something new and contrived to generate a feeling of self-importance, he still has quite a bit more walking to do. And forgive me if I do not understand how being misogynistic was important to having a conversation? They sounded like a couple of young horny school boys who have yet to learn how to communicate.
When Native people are out publicly speaking for Native people must be more respectful than this, but still be brutally honest. This was nothing less than shameful! Its going to take more than a bashful apology to turn this around.