Mayor Threatened Seattle Police Union with "Immediate" Move to Arbitration... Two Months Ago


We should do what other cities have done to make real police reform a reality.

Oh, wait...
When I sent some material to OPA to point them in the right direction RE Geofeedia, the guy they had email me back was one of the cops who sued the dept in 2014 - to block reforms. Not holding my breath for justice here.
The only way to settle this is to have the Federal Judge rescind the current bargaining agreement between the city and the SPDGuild.

The SPDGuild is not negotiating in good faith. The main premise of the SPDGuild agreement is to protect police officers from police brutality complaints and they do not want to waiver from this position.

It is this type of radical behavior, that generates a movement to abolish all public service employee unions in Washington State. It would be a shame that such stubbornness from the SPDGuild would generate such action. After all, this is a guild, an outdated predecessor to the modern day union movement. These people aren't even artisans.

The SPDGuild is nothing more than a house of cards. They can't strike, and a Federal judge can rule that they work without a contract. The SPDGuild is such a house of cards that they snubbed their nose at legitimate nationally recognized unions in the 1970's. Don't expect the Teamsters to come to their rescue.
Mayor Threatened Seattle Police Union with "Immediate" Move to Arbitration... Two Months Ago ....Any minute now!, don't make me stop this car ...I mean city, your gonna get it...... oh look a new taco truck down town.... nap time... what were we talking about?
We are Serfs.

Wait, Serfs actually have rights.

Never mind
Because our Mayor is a huge pussy.
When can we dump this stupid motherfucker?
For fuck's sake, can Hillary get elected and finally call Murray "up" which is what he appears to be waiting for? He's going to duck and drag his feet until then. He'd be a tough sell as governor, which is the normal launching pad for the Dem-establishment-machine players in this state. Mayor of Seattle is the second most likely position to get the national tap for being a good party lapdog. It's the only explanation for someone so milquetoast to want to be mayor of this city. Can we get this national business rolling so that we can get someone in the Mayor's office who is a vertebrate?! It's bad enough he's so subservient to the local corporate overlords, but SPOG will bat him around like a cat with lint.
@10, how many for Seattle mayors have been governor?
@6 Don't expect the Teamsters to come to their rescue.

That won't prevent the people circulating a petition to abolish public service employee unions in Washington State. There is no question we can get enough signatures from Eastern Washington to put the measure on the ballot, and you'd be surprised how many taxpayers are fed up with public service employee unions in Western Washington.

They do have right-to-work states, no teachers unions in Wisconsin, no police unions in Texas, etc. etc. There are a lot more right-to-work states than you think.

It would be a shame the Seattle Police Guild would bring this upon themselves because they, and guild shills like you, want to continue protecting police brutality in our Seattle Police Department.

Murray is such a milqetoast,I would'nt bet money on the Jungle being cleared.He will either blame it on the city council or their is no place to put them.
@12 Not sure where you heard that Texas doesn't have police Unions but they do. In fact they're some of the most power political forces in the state...
Did duh mayah hire Danny Trejo to guard him for that picture?
@14 Texas Police departments do not have any nationally recognized unions representing them. They are called police associations. Like the Galveston Municipal Police Association, San Antonio Police Officers Association, Dallas Police Employees Association. These employees are given as a handout, nothing more than what is called an employee handbook.

They can't go on strike, and they don't have any articles in their employee handbooks that prevent the mayor or police chief from firing them for police brutality.