Why Are You Worried About Creepy Clowns When There's a Dinosaur on the Loose in Seattle!?


I can't believe I actually voted in this. And now commented.
I'm hoping you are for whatever pretending to be clueless. It's a costume... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DREns2Wa…
There's a Godzilla version of this costume too - I really wonder why more people aren't playing around with that one...

I recently saw the t-rex costumes for sale online for a ridiculously low price, like, $99. Makes me think they'd make a great Halloween costume.
Screw you hippies. Bigfoot is real. Or at least was until all you washicus moved here.
This poll is missing an option:

"I'm at least as tired of that costume as I am of the horse-head mask"
Once again, the Stranger buries the lede. Whatever it is, it's clearly looking at the UFO floating in the air in front of it. It's vibrating/spinning so fast that the camera can only capture it as a blur.

Jennifer, I trust you will pursue this story for us? I hope for updates throughout the night, with statements from the mayor, the spokesperson of JBLM, the governor, and if possible, the world's preeminent UFO scholar, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.
@5 - Saw one today in the costume aisle at Target for $54.99 - official Jurassic World merch!
Best use of this costume: T-Rex on Ninja Warrior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JQLR-04…