Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Causes Catastrophe At Veterinary Clinic


The best part of my Friday morning is reading one of these comics.
I figured the police shot the cat as a matter of course.
Love your work, look forward to it every week!

But what happened to the poor cat?
My favorite bit this week is where the cat stealthily walks off, going "cat cat" with its feet. That is EXACTLY how cats walk (well, it's how my cat walks).
@2 No, the cat just got an SPD business card.
I have seen this behavior and worse while working at an animal shelter.

As always, love the posters. The "cat cat" steps really took this one over the top.
The cat presumably catted back to its owner and is hopefully catting around happily at home.
I'm guessing the cat was black so therefore was immediately shot for "resisting arrest"...
Callan, your background details are always on point, but they are especially excellent today. And yes, let it be decreed: birds are terrible pets in every regard. I was so glad when my little brother's stupid finches finally bit it.

Also, we had a parakeet for a while, and one day we came home to the bird dead, with a tiny aquatic crab from our aquarium - which was literally on the opposite corner of the living room, a good 20 feet away at least - on the bottom of the cage. Truly one of the great mysteries of our time.
I have not slept since I read this because I must know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FUCKING CAT!!?!?!?!
This is definitely one of my all-time faves: "Just replace any birds," "Pitbull sez I wanna die," the employee with the smooshed-in face continuing to talk with a hand in her face, the cat being totally unphased and taking the time for some good anal hygiene (for cats)? It's all perfect.

As for those wondering what happened to the cat, I'm pretty sure it got a very clean butt and then took a nap until its owner showed up.