What does the chair of the state Republican party think about Trumps Grab them by the pussy comments? He was a Democrat at the time.
What does the chair of the state Republican party think about Trump's "Grab them by the pussy" comments? "He was a Democrat at the time." lev radin/Shutterstock

Following the release of audio from 2005 in which Donald Trump brags about how being a "star" has given him the ability to "do anything" to women, the chair of the Washington State Republican Party called Trump's comments "repulsive" and then promptly blamed them on the Democratic Party.

“But he was a Democrat at the time and he was channeling Bill Clinton," Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison said in an interview with KOMO News Radio Friday. "And the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton to say this man does not belong in the White House when her husband defined this behavior is just absurd.”

As two KOMO interviewers continued to press Hutchison, she refused to denounce Trump.

"All of this behavior occurred when he was a Democrat," she repeated.

“Donald Trump is the selection of our voters and the Republican Party," Hutchison said later. "What happens from here will, um, who knows. But what I’m saying is that Donald Trump said those comments when he was a Democrat, and that is—and he is a Republican today.”

Hutchison's loyalty to the misogynist at the top of the Republican ticket is not new. After Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention, Hutchison confronted Cruz near an elevator and called him a "traitor to the party." She told KUOW she believes "Donald Trump can flip the state" of Washington.

Tonight, Trump issued a non-apology apology, claiming the news is a "distraction" and continuing to attack the Clintons. Hutchison stuck with her statement.

On KOMO, as one of the interviewers questioned Hutchison about Trump's judgment and summarized the things Trump said about women, Hutchison abruptly objected.

“You know what,” Hutchison said, “I think the things that you’re saying right now are a little bit too prurient for me.”

Listen to the full audio of the interview here.