"There's Nothing Protecting Us": Federal Appellate Court Denies Standing Rock Emergency Injunction


Holy crap. If you go to one of the links above (about out-of-state police coming to the protests) you can find this;

"On Wednesday, in what he called “a win,” authorities blocked a caravan of protesters from going through the small town of St. Anthony to reach construction sites. But protesters found other ways around and stopped work at five sites west of town.

Pipeline opponents criticized the road-blocking tactic as suppressing their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Kirchmeier defended it, saying it’s allowed under state law to maintain public safety."



We never learn, do we? We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

In 1965 a walking caravan of protestors attempted to cross a public bridge in Selma, Alabama. The police did a similar un-constitutional thing then.
I assume all these "indigenous peoples" came on foot or by poney, no F150's with dual rims, "indigenous people" don't drive those things..,
@2 it's true, indigenous people are super poor and live off the land shunning modernity or only exist centuries past. this makes sense because we are racists whose shallow opinions are buff and also mighty.
This is quite a kick in the teeth on Indigenous People's Day, but one can only assume this is the Court's way of twisting the knife. I hope the tribes can stay strong and keep standing up for everyone's water and land in the face of extractive #Neoliberalism that has no problem taking the entire planet down and all the species on it for the sake of profit.
DoJ and Army Cotos are "Asking", not telling. That's important to remember. This project was planned years ago. With surveying, public announcements, hearing and public comments. All as required by law. So, the Tribes are On The Late Freight! This project was known years ago. Approved by the Army Corps years ago. So, for the Trubes to complain now is Too Little Too Late.

They should've did this years ago. Now, they are paying the consequences of their own in action.
@6 If you had bothered to read up even one article on this matter, you wouldn't sound like KING FUCKWIT!. The Army circumvented the Clean Air AND Clean Water Acts by treating a pipeline that would cross FOUR FUCKING STATES as a series of hundreds of small unrelated pipelines so they DIDN'T DO AN EIS AT ALL!!! AND the point person for the company building this company used to WORK FOR the Corps of Engineers! This is a company is being SUED AND FINED by several states - INCLUDING BIG-OIL-SUCKING TEXAS AND OKLAHOMA - for dumping toxics illegally AND for HUNDREDS OF PIPE BREAKS that contaminated groundwater and rivers!

What is the fucking point of having laws if Big Oil can just BUY THEIR WAY AROUND THEM?

UGH! * point person for the company building this PIPELINE....
* This is a company being sued and fined by several states.

Sorry for the bad typing Sloggers. It's late, and I'm still awake being all angsty about the Orange Creep. Could you believe that idiot saying his Energy Plan is clean COAL? What's next for the Molester in Chief? Deforestation with SAFE AGENT ORANGE?
@7 The Sierra club sued on all the issues you just described on another pipeline and lost


So none of what you wrote amounts to a hill of beans.
@7, You're ignoring reality. The Pipeline is gonna get built no matter what, and you know it.

Lawsuits, Fines, etc. are speed bumps in this whole project.

If you think the Govt. and Big Oil are gonna let this project get sidetracked. Then you really don't have a clue.

PS: If you need some common sense, and a slice of reality. Let me know and I'll loan you some of mine. I make this gesture, as it's obvious that you're lacking in both departments.

The land the Sioux are protecting is their land as per The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868.

For a closer look at what is happening at Standing Rock, this gentleman, Rob Wilson, has some great photographs


Yeah, that's exactly what they said about Keystone XL - can't be stopped, just have to get used to it - until of course it WAS stopped.