Donald, Dorothy, Maria, and Melania


Don't be surprised if civilization has fallen by the time you step out of that room.
Jesus, Dan... get your head together. You can't be judging amateur porn when you're only half in the game.
(Sigh.) Put down the smartphone and take two steps back. If Trump had done that after the GOP convention, he might have been in with a chance by now.
Trump has the mannerisms of a blue-collar worker. The low-information binary opinions, the questionable taste, the belief that might makes right. Its really why he has the appeal he does.

That, and the hard sell confidence man techniques.
Good God, that apartment is an offense against taste and decency. I wonder what Dorothy would have to say about it.
Kudos for remembering Dorothy Parker. However, I should point out that it is "Marie", not "Maria". The former preserves the rhythm.
Didn't you mean the Queen of Sheba?
@5 Clearly sleeping in that HORROR caused the irreversible psychotic break that made the Donald Dumpster the vile orange pustule he is today!
@5, 8: I now wonder if the orange complexion he affects is intended to suggest that he's actually gilded.
FYI, the Maryhill Museum has collections donated by Marie of Romania.
You can always go with: I am the Queeen of France! (@ 4:08)
@4 What the fuck do you know about it? stereotype much?
Lilacs blossom just as sweet...
1. Dorothy Parker never lets you down.
2. Malania is not old by many of our standards, so how about Ms Melania, or sweet Melania, or dumb Melania, or Unfortunate Melania--oh that doesn't rhyme. Well I tried.
I understand how Catalina V.dR would not find that bedroom attractive. Not within the standards of a Beacon Hill housewife. Atrocious is the word.
Because of Twitter, we will never have another Dorothy Parker.
Max dear, I do have to agree with Our Dear Upchuck. I know a hell of a lot of "blue collar" people, both in family and my career (an electric utility is basically a construction company, after all). The characteristics you cite are more common to stupid people than "blue collar" people. And if you equate blue collar with stupidity, you've never take the CL's Basic Electricity and Applied Mathematics course. Even the pre-test made me want to yank my nails out and sob with despair.