Citing Her June Position on Conversion Therapy, SEAMEC Revokes Erin Jones's Rating and Endorses Chris Reykdal


This is disturbing on so many levels.
Jones seems to have a problem with communications. That is not good.

She seems to say different things to different people on the same issue.

She has changed her viewpoint on LGBT issues, not once but twice. In the space of a campaign season. Who does that?

Very troubling
I've met Erin Jones in person at a Bernie Sanders caucus. She made a great impression on me and answered my questions with intelligence - like me, she's lived many years in Germany and is committed to bringing the the kind of social democratic rights enjoyed by Germans to the US as well. For this I really admire her. Reading her SEAMEC questionnaire, she clearly supports LGBT. Not everyone can be an expert in everything, her area of specialization is education and I believe her when she says she will try to educate herself better. According to her SEAMEC questionnaire statement, she adopted two gay children, I really can't believe that she would intentionally do anything that would harm their future.
How the fuck can you be against banning conversion therapy?! Wow. Maybe this is why Washington State Republican Party chair Susan Hutchinson supports Erin Jones?
Again, why is she educating herself in the middle of a campaign? If she didn't feel well-versed enough when answering questionnaires, why not say that instead of answering.

It feels like she's trying to play both sides of the fence.

She did not adopt those kids; she took them in. She uses the word "adopt" wrongly in this case and again, confusing to the average reader.
For shit's sake, look at who is funding her campaign! She is the right wing's house Negro.
@4, Susan Hutchinson supporting a black democratic candidate (or any black person for anything) is even more astounding:).

"We overlooked it." the hell does an LGBTQ advocacy group miss the question on conversion therapy? C'mon now.
What a weird story. 180 candidates sure that's a lot, but wouldn't you give a re-read to the one you're finally endorsing?

Vote Reykdal

Being for Bernie Sanders doesn't get around this:

SEAMEC Questionnaire of Erin Jones
19. Do you support legislation that would prohibit Conversion Therapy (reparative therapy) on
[ ] YES [ X ] NO