Melania Trump Throws Billy Bush Under the Bus Tonight on Anderson Cooper


That'll fix it, Melania. Her preferred next President is a guy who creates a scandal with his mouth because some little twit eggs him on. The country is in safe hands as long as President Donald is kept away from bad influences. He's a terrible judge of character is all. Not his fault.
and to think: I was rooting for melania's escape from trump tower. they're probably dangling baron out of a window to coerce her into participating again.
Since Melania is defending and standing by her man, I expect the GOP will soon be labeling her an enabler. Aaaaaany day now...
She was surprised? Yeah, right. Hey, Melania, show us your surprised face.
"Under the bus." Nice!
Other weird thing: first time Trump has ever apologized, but we're told "boy talk" is normal, and anyway that skinny kid made him do it. So what's to apologize for if it's not his fault?
“The boys, the way they talk when they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, ‘Oh, this and that’ and talking about the girls.'"

Only the most unevolved of us, Melania. Some of us had a sense of decency even as boys. Others, like your husband, clearly never learned it at all.
@3: i doubt "if in the event of a run for president" was a clause, though...
Poor dear, years from now she'll probably recount how freaked out and worried she was during the campaign.
I wonder how much he paid her to defend him? Oh, I forgot! She had to sign a statement not to disclose any info about him, otherwise she would be sued right up to her .....
Will she defend him after the divorce?
I read an interesting op ed on the Billy Bush firing. When he joined Today, Bush became an employee of the NBC news division, which produces Today. As such, he was actually an on-air journalist, not the movie star suck up in an entertainment division he once was . In not disclosing the existence of the tape to his bosses at Today before it was uncovered and leaked elsewhere, he in fact buried a major news story that could have been broken by Today and NBC. That probably has as much to do with his firing as his boorish behavior on the tape. He failed to carry out his responsibilities to the NBC news division.
@5 - You think her face can be forced to change expression? That's a stretch.
Melanie is cut from the exact same cloth as Trump. The whole family is trashy.
@15 - No, she's not. And what do you expect - her to be like Gloria Steinem, Susan Sarandon?
Melania ...
First of all, this utterance - I can't really call it a statement - is nonsense; i.e. - it makes no sense: “The boys, the way they talk when they grow up and they want to sometimes show each other, ‘Oh, this and that’ and talking about the girls.'"

Second of all, the way DT talked was the way (some) boys (sometimes) talk BEFORE they grow up when they want to show each other. Real grownups don't need to talk like that.
She is contractually obligated to say only nice things about her husband.
Melania is on a tight Pre-Nup so divorce is not an option cause she likes the rich lifestyle. She's putting up with DT until he croakes when she'll be free of him and inherit a big pile. She's way younger and DT has a health negative lifestyle. She's probably nearly a sociopathic as DT and looking at how many years she'll live beyond him and being very rich.
@20: I don't see any evidence she is as sociopathic as her husband.

its like saying laura bush was a dry drunk and as feckless as bush the lesser. she just wasn't.
Boys talk. From a 60 year old boy who can be manipulated by Billy Bush.