FBI Runs Biggest National Sex Trafficking Sting to Date, Arrests 14 in Washington State


However, if you mishandle classified information, that's okay.
Excellent insight (best journalism always at the Stranger, must be the culture, thank you). Two points specifically, the issue is far more complex than reported in mainstream media and sex workers are continually treated as a sub culture without value by those in power.

The issue is extremely complex and not amenable to the black and white, knee jerk policy creation. You can't say we will just "End Demand." It's either disingenuous or delusional.

Language is extremely important and the dialogue has been purposefully shifted from sex worker to victim, from prostitution to exploitation. It's controlled by those in power which includes the rescue industry and survival voices. There are survival voices that are used as professional marketers profiting from the abolition movement.

What is most disconcerting is to watch the governments in Canada, France, England, and Northern Ireland debate openly about the issue and being inclusive of the voices most impacted; those of sex workers. King County has demonstrated absolutely no intention of listening unless you are redeemed as a survivor. That is exclusionary and when laws/policies are created that impact you without input, it's oppression.

Keep up the great work Stranger journalists! You are all awesome.